Give Your Customer Success Initiative an Always-On Sales Engineer with MindTouch

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Customer success begins in the sales process. Transforming your product & help content into an always-on Sales Engineer will set your customers up to excel.

San Diego, CA (PRUnderground) May 11th, 2015

Sales Engineers are a crucial addition to SaaS companies with the goal of customer success. Straddling Sales and Engineering, they bring technical expertise to the sales cycle. A good Sales Engineer validates the company’s products as a solution to the customer’s individual requirements. Their rich product knowledge is an invaluable resource to a sales team who is selling an ever-changing, technical product.

But Sales Engineers are humans who have families and probably participate in weekend softball leagues. They can’t be available 24 hours a day. Unfortunately, business is a 24 hour, 7 days a week game.

That’s why you need an always-on Sales Engineer.  Of course, I don’t mean saddling a poor Sales Engineer with the graveyard shift. Rather, I’m suggesting re-imagining the product and help content your company already produces as your top-notch sales engineer with MindTouch.

There are four main benefits to transforming your content into an always-on Sales Engineer.

Make your Sales team shine.

With robust and technical SaaS products, it’s impossible for many Sales Reps to have the technical expertise to answer all of a customer’s questions. That’s why Sales Engineers have become invaluable.  But an always-on, self service location for technical sales content can turn your Sales Reps into product superstars.

Optimize content for how customers behave today.

Customers these days are mobile work-a-holics. They need information at all hours of the day delivered to their mobile devices. Customer success is all about ensuring customers are able to excel with your company at every step of the journey, including sales. By optimizing content for how consumers behave today, you’re ensuring all of your customers have an equal opportunity to be successful.

Capture your prospect’s web behavior.

The Internet generates a ton of information about its users. Companies are reaping the benefits of web analytics to better understand customers. By attracting customers in the sales cycle to your product and help content, you can use simple web analytics to gain a powerful picture of what drives the sales process.

Gain control over your brand online.

Every brand struggles with their online presence. There are too many third party and competitor sites competing for your customer’s attention. Optimizing your content for the web will help you control your brand because, when customers do branded searches they’re more likely to find your authoritative content. By transforming this content into a simple destination for your customers, you’re providing them with the valuable content they need to validate your products, rather than them turning to customer forums or competitors sites that speak ill of your product.

Customer success is all about reducing the effort your customers have to exert to become product experts. By turning the content you already produce into an always-on Sales Engineer, you’re beginning that process in the Sales cycle. This will set up your customers for more successful onboarding, increase product adoption, and make upselling and cross-selling more likely.

And who doesn’t want that?

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MindTouch creates content-driven customer engagement software that helps companies transform product and help content into a customer engagement channel. For the last 5 years, they have helped companies like Intuit, Code42, and Docker deliver the best possible customer self-service possible. Optimizing content with MindTouch lets companies double organic web traffic, triple user time on site, and reduce the bounce rate by 50%. Turn your buyers and customers into product experts with MindTouch.

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