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United States (PRUnderground) July 22nd, 2015

Mari Mitchell is an intuitive coach, spiritual mentor and published author.

She has written three books and now you can get your Free Psychic Reading from her no credit card required.

Clairvoyance is one of Mauri’s strongest gifts and she has the ability to tune into your situation and give you a very detailed reading by using Oracle cards. She’s a master at relationships and Spirituality. It is her firm belief that you have control over your own reality and the ability to make choices both mentally and physically to create the life you desire. Her passion is working with people to give them the support and encouragement necessary to bring love and fulfillment into their lives.

Her first book, “Diary of a Hopeless Romantic” is a story about a woman looking for love who goes on a journey of self-discovery. Throughout the book are marries secrets of finding true love. Now you can ask Mauri your free psychic question to find your true love or learn how to keep the relationship you are already in happy and  fulfilling.

Mari also hosts her own radio show called “Dare to be Authentic”. The show focuses on how authenticity is vital to having a happy and fulfilling life.

Her 2nd book Dare to be Authentic Vol. 1 – Finding Your Authentic Self” is an inspirational book which features over twenty true stories written by those who at one point did not really know themselves and lived unhappy, unfulfilled and sometimes painful lives, and then went on to find their true, authentic self and dared to transform their lives into ones of joy and fulfillment. Maur also uses her psychic ability to help you find personal fulfillment and shows you how to change  the things in your life you can change to have a better future.

Her 3rd book, Dare to be Authentic Vol. 2 – Learning to Love Yourself” is the second in a series that invites you to experience what living an authentic life can bring. It’s a compilation of fourteen authors, each telling their true story of how they struggled with self-love and were able to begin the process of loving themselves.

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