Gedalias Company Announces Goat Meat for Sale in Time for the 2010 Holiday Season

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Just in time for the 2010 holiday season to take off, Gedalias Company makes their naturally raised goat meat for sale available to everyone. Cooks, chefs, and foodies can buy goat meat directly from Gedalias’ website and have fresh goat meat shipped to their homes.

Amity, Maine (PRUnderground) September 22nd, 2010

Gedalias Company is opening its virtual doors to cooks, chefs, and anyone wanting to prepare a unique, tasty dinner. The key ingredient is goat meat. For sale now on their website, anyone in the United States can buy goat meat to prepare for family dinners and the upcoming holidays.

Goat meat is a leaner, healthier option than traditional meats, like turkey, pork, ham, and even chicken. Since it is not sold everywhere, demand is increasing, especially as families are looking to expand their dinner menus. Gedalias Company is making their farm raised goat meat available to everyone so they too can enjoy this delicacy.

“Goat meat isn’t just for ethnic dishes. It can be integrated into any meal,” says Lee Feigon of Gedalias Company. “People think goat meat will be gamey, but it actually has a sweet mild flavor.”

Gedalias Company offers many cuts of meat including whole goat, filet mignon, steaks, ground meat, sausages, loins, legs, and even stew meat. They’re always adding to their options as well. The website gives tips and ideas on how to cook each cut of meat. For instance, consumers can buy goat meat and make tacos, chili, or burgers using the ground meat. For extra special occasions, rack of goat and boneless loin of goat are a gourmet treat. Goat meat is also delicious barbequed or roasted.

“Most people have a misconception about goat meat, thinking that only upscale restaurants serve it. The truth is—anyone can make it. And now with the holidays just around the corner, goat meat can be the main course, especially since it’s lower in fat and cholesterol than other options,” continues Feigon. “You won’t feel guilty eating too much or going for seconds.”

Goat meat for sale from Gedalias is naturally raised on their farm in Northern Maine. Once a purchase is made, the meat is frozen, Cryovack sealed and shipped directly to the consumers’ home. To learn more about goat meat and how to prepare a dish, visit Gedalias online at

About Gedalias Company:

Gedalias Company raises goat meat for sale on 1400 acres in Northern Maine. As the largest goat farm in the Northeast, they pride themselves in providing all natural goat meat to the public looking to buy goat meat to make their meals a little more special.



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