GALLERIQUE, A curated marketplace of extraordinary finds to launch this Spring

Industry: Art

Partners online platform with offline space and services. Categories including fine art, antiques, collectibles, memorabilia, jewelry, rare coins and more.

Chicago, Illinois (PRUnderground) April 9th, 2015

Gallerique, a curated marketplace of extraordinary finds, will launch its platform to the public this Spring. The marketplace will operate under a hybrid online/offline model that will provide collectors and designers with a marketplace to conveniently access and acquire rare and extraordinary works from selected dealers around the world. In an effort to meet an array of collecting tastes and backgrounds, Gallerique will feature objects of value from a wide variety of categories and eras, including fine art, antiques, collectibles, functional art, jewelry, rare coins and more.

Gallerique has selectively partnered with a breadth of domestic and international galleries and dealers, whose pieces will be showcased through an innovative marketplace designed with both experienced and new collectors in mind. In addition to convenient online access, Gallerique will offer users complimentary consultation services via phone, video conferencing or within its offline space, located at Chicago’s historic Fine Arts Building. Gallerique’s Chicago space will also display selected pieces from various dealers, as well as host events and programming for partners and clients.

Sam Khan, founder & CEO of Gallerique, elaborates on the nature of the platform: “At Gallerique,  we understand that the nature of buying art, antiques and collectibles is fundamentally different than typical online shopping via an anonymous e-commerce platform.

Our marketplace is based on trust, reputation and curation which allows buyers to conveniently purchase from an established network of sellers. By working on a close basis with dealers and buyers to calculate and facilitate sales, Gallerique has combined the rich traditions of the art world with the dynamic convenience of collecting in a digital age.”  

With Gallerique, buyers and dealers will be provided with a secure and trusted marketplace whose hybrid model seeks to retain the timeless value of available works in a technologically-advanced age. The online/offline accessibility of Gallerique’s marketplace will ensure a personable and convenient collecting experience that is above and beyond the standard online offerings

About Gallerique

Gallerique is a trusted marketplace of extraordinary finds. Our marketplace will be the first luxury marketplace of its kind to offer a hybrid online and offline assisted search approach in order to provide collectors and designers with reliable and at-hand access to an inventory of rare and extraordinary works.

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