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Industry: Business Online Mapping is used by hundreds of companies to keep up with the growing demands of analyzing business data full of address locations. It becomes a household n

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As the years went on, many companies continue to find methods to enhance their business and marketing plans. There are hundreds of analytical tools that were developed over the years to meet the growing demands of companies from various industries. The team behind the leading online mapping tool, is aware of this need thereby continues to improve what they can offer to provide only the best data visualization through GIS mapping. With its easy to use tools, companies big or small alike can make mapping simple while getting the most from their address locations data.
Many business owners have been enlightened with their data through using They were not aware that to create a map and to figure out the most important points from their data is just that simple. Deyce Kehoe from said, “I’ve spent over 20 years in sales for visionary companies such as Forbes Magazine, Fortune Magazine and and has quickly become one of my top applications that helps me drive sales.”
Impressive Online Mapping for Different Avenues
What most companies like about is that it is packed with useful features that are easy to use and save them a lot of time. From these features, they are able to enhance marketing campaigns, identify growth potentials, mitigate market risks, optimize logistics costs and segment customers.
Some of its most sought after features are:
Create a map from Excel data users are able to easily copy and paste their Excel data and maps can be built in less than 3 minutes. They can even map for free.
Add multiple address locations at once
Plus users are allowed to add up to 10,000 address locations per day. This made them understand their data more based on in-depth analysis. They are able to identify the relation between each data set. For example, the maps give them exceptional visualization on the connection between their customers, suppliers and distribution centers. The information gathered can be used in critical decision making.
Share maps
In order to achieve goals in the least possible time, allows its users to share their maps to staff, customers and other people whose decisions matter the most for better business management.
With online mapping, companies no longer need to invest millions to understand their business data containing thousands of address locations from customers, suppliers, distribution centers and a lot more. Just by using’s features, they can easily create a map and instantly identify opportunities for business improvement.

About develops tools to transform analysis into a visual experience. It’s mapping technology is one of the most powerful ways to visualize data from Excel spreadsheets to optimize logistics, enhance market planning, identify growth opportunities, or mitigate market risks. leads in data simplification and presentation and is committed to delivering the tools businesses need to outpace competition.

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