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Fusion PPT CEO to Lead Hybrid Cloud Workshop at Cloud Connect, Interop New York 2014

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Fusion PPT's CEO, Michael Biddick, has been selected to present a workshop on “Managing Applications in a Hybrid Cloud World” at the Cloud Connect, Interop NY conference.

Vienna, VA (PRUnderground) June 30th, 2014

Fusion PPT, a recognized strategy and technology consulting firm, announced today that its CEO, Michael Biddick, has been selected to present a workshop on “Managing Applications in a Hybrid Cloud World” at Cloud Connect, which will be held from Sept. 29th to October 2nd 2014 during the Interop New York conference. Biddick, an expert in the field of cloud computing who has authored a book on “Federal Cloud Computing” and written over 50 articles on cloud-related topics, provides his insight on managing and optimizing applications running in federated cloud computing environments.

The cloud-enabled enterprise is continuously and rapidly evolving, challenging established IT providers, and transforming IT as we now know it. Rather than asking whether it is a good idea to move to the cloud, for many organizations it is now a matter of when to move, and how to utilize the cloud’s abundant resources to increase productivity and outpace competition. This and much more will be discussed at this year’s Cloud Connect Summit, under the theme “Empowering the Cloud-Enabled Enterprise.” Workshops at the Summit will discuss the most pressing cloud, policy, IT, and organizational debates in the cloud-enabled enterprise, including IT-as-a-Service, cloud brokers, open data/open clouds, cloud stacks, SaaS, hybrid clouds, and much more.

In InformationWeek’s recent “State of Cloud Computing” Survey, 40% of respondents said that they already use cloud services. Out of that number, nearly 80% said that they use multiple cloud providers, sometimes six or more at once. This is up 7 points from 2011. Clearly, the future lies in federated cloud infrastructures – these hybrid architectures simplify disaster recovery and continuity-of-operations (COOP) efforts, and promote the high availability and mobility of applications. However, applications and data that are spread across multiple clouds are fragmented, and trying to centrally control everything can cause severe management and orchestration headaches.

Biddick’s workshop at Cloud Connect will examine the opportunities and concerns with running applications in hybrid clouds. This will include architecture considerations, management and orchestration, and the importance of application performance management.

“Federation should mean that IT can administer applications in one or more clouds as if they were running locally, using familiar tools and processes,” remarks Biddick. “It’s a nice thought. But in the real world, cloud computing involves isolated environments that have to be monitored and managed individually.”

Some of the key takeaways of this workshop include:

  • Strategies for managing and monitoring applications in federated environments
  • Advice and useful tools suggestions for achieving top application performance
  • The current state of hybrid cloud and federated application usage
  • How to successfully get started in a federated, hybrid cloud environment

This workshop is designed for technology and business leaders in the cloud-enabled enterprise. Come to this session armed with your questions. Participants in the workshop will have the opportunity to submit questions directly to Mr. Biddick during the event. To learn more about this workshop, click here. 

Biddick’s workshop will be held on Monday September 29th, from 1:30PM to 4:30PM ET, at the Cloud Connect segment of Interop New York. To register for this event, please click here.

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Fusion PPT is an established leader in providing IT consulting and system integration services to federal organizations with challenging technology initiatives. As a privately held small business, Fusion PPT combines the best practices and expertise found at large consulting firms with a nimble, entrepreneurial and client-focused service team. Since our inception in 2009, we have contributed to the success of hundreds of IT projects, most spanning the globe in their reach and impact. Our ability to perform and add value in complex, diverse and distributed environments has earned us a solid growth rate and a reputation as a trusted, capable and results-oriented service provider.

To learn more about Fusion PPT, visit our website at www.fusionppt.com.

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