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Fusion PPT Awarded $6.1M Cloud Support Services Contract

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Fusion PPT has been awarded a contract valued at over $6M to deliver cloud support services to a U.S. Government agency.

Vienna, VA (PRUnderground) November 6th, 2014

Fusion PPT, a recognized strategy and technology consulting firm, announced today that the firm has been awarded a contract valued at over $6M to deliver cloud support services to a U.S. Government agency.

As a recognized leader in innovative IT solutions, Fusion PPT will be providing hands-on engineering and architecture services to support the migration of mission critical applications to the cloud. Additionally, the contract includes the management and governance of enterprise cloud resources, and the integration of the agency’s enterprise data center environment and the cloud. Fusion PPT will also enable the efficient delivery of innovative engineering solutions to a wide range of customers supporting mission critical needs.

Fusion PPT CEO Michael Biddick noted, “We are fortunate to be in a position to help customers take advantage of the potential capabilities that cloud computing offers, while at the same time rationalizing application environments that might not make sense in the cloud.”

To support the project, Fusion PPT will utilize their state-of-the-art Innovation Lab, a robust cloud environment that includes interoperability and portability testing capabilities. Fusion PPT will enable the sharing and movement of data and application resources easily from one environment to another within the cloud. The firm’s work will help mitigate the risks of inefficient continuity of operations (COOP) between cloud providers, vendor lock-in, and the lack of a comprehensive enterprise cloud management interface.

Many cloud service providers have proprietary applications, platforms, infrastructure, and application programming interfaces (APIs) that prevent heterogeneous enterprise environments from being fully interoperable and portable. Standard interfaces for portability and interoperability between cloud providers help mitigate these issues, but there is no incentive for large providers to aggressively support these efforts, which would allow their customers to easily move to a competitor.

With years of experience deploying diverse cloud technology solutions, Fusion PPT has extensive product and vendor knowledge, as well as hands-on experience working with a broad range of APIs and integrations. Our contract services include:

  • Cloud Services Aggregation
  • Application Migration
  • Best-in-class Third Party Vendor Selection
  • Governance & Security Guidance
  • Workflow Integration
  • Budget/Chargeback Assistance

To learn more about Fusion PPT and how the firm can help you solve your IT concerns, please click here.

About Fusion PPT

Fusion PPT is an established leader in providing IT consulting and system integration services to federal organizations with challenging technology initiatives. As a privately held small business, Fusion PPT combines the best practices and expertise found at large consulting firms with a nimble, entrepreneurial and client-focused service team. Since our inception in 2009, we have contributed to the success of hundreds of IT projects, most spanning the globe in their reach and impact. Our ability to perform and add value in complex, diverse and distributed environments has earned us a solid growth rate and a reputation as a trusted, capable and results-oriented service provider.

To learn more about Fusion PPT, visit our website at www.fusionppt.com.

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