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Phoenix, Arizona (PRUnderground) March 28th, 2011

An Arizona based website is introducing buyers and investors to free listings on properties with instant equity. The website offers a free newsletter, direct financing, and offers simplification of the purchase process.

According to Business Week, over four percent of homes in Arizona were lost to foreclosure last year. The Wall Street Journal recently discussed the vacant home issue in direct relation to foreclosures and the U.S. economy. Arizona Daily Foreclosures, LLC. initiated the website,, with the intent to provide quick, secure, simple, and updated information on properties within the state.

The website offers buyers and investors three easy steps to obtain a property listed on the site. First, the buyer or investor selects a property on the website and must call the office to ensure the property is still available. Next, the buyer or investor must decide on a cash purchase or financing, then complete and fax back Purchase Agreement or Loan Agreement. The third step involves direction. Specific instructions will be provided, via email, to deposit/wire closing funds or down payment for loan. It is as simple as one, two, and three!

The reputable company decided to meet the needs of consumers with Investors, flippers, buyers will benefit from the sites daily, sometimes hourly, listings offered at wholesale prices.

Foreclosure properties offer a challenge to prospective buyers and investors. The perception usually associated with foreclosure properties is that they are hard to obtain and their actual conditions can be exaggerated. With Arizona Daily Foreclosures, LLC, buyers can be assured all property listings are lucrative deals backed by an eye witness report on the condition and occupancy of the property.

The company also offers an updated weekly blog discussing the trends within the foreclosure market, with specification in relation to the state of Arizona. Although the pricing varies from property to property, some listings on the website have been priced at less than seventeen thousand dollars.

The site is a hallmark to the Arizona foreclosure market. An easy to use search engine allows users to define price ranges, bedroom preferences, and even city specifications. The comprehensive website truly is an innovative, yet simple, answer to an every growing demand in the real-estate industry.

Arizona Daily Foreclosures, LLC is launched to the media by JumpStart Ink. The publicity firm represents Emmy Award winners, Grammy nominees, and Academy Award Participants. For an interview or EPK for Arizona Daily Foreclosures, LLC., please use the contact information found within this release.


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