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OzWit have just released to You-Tube the first in OzWit’s collection “How to Cook a Camp Oven”.

Australia (PRUnderground) July 14th, 2011

OzWit have just released to You-Tube the first in OzWit’s collection  “How to Cook a  Camp Oven”.

Demonstrating in the video is Raquel Mace, OzWit business partner and Darren Single, lover of all things camping and cooking and generally a funny guy.

This Video compliments a successful release and launch of OzWit’s E-book “Cooking with Camp Ovens”, on the June 6, 2011.

The Video teaches you how to cook a great camp oven, starting with your fire, getting enough coals for cooking and what you will need to get started.  OzWit explain how to pre-season your camp oven and demonstrate cooking a roast dinner for everyone to enjoy.  Great tips and tricks are shared with a bit of humour thrown in.

OzWit confirm “the E-Book is doing well, the feedback has been great from customers”.  It’s success would be due to it’s great content and affordable price at just $9.95.

The Video and the background music were performed and recorded by DNA Audio Recording Studio with the aid of quality musicians and sound technicians.

Ashley Bidwell, freelance graphic designer of Artzii, putting his final touches to the graphics and ensuring its capability to a live platform and audience.


We are two families who had a dream to take our young families around Australia.

We made our dream a reality and within six months of making the decision we hit the road. During the six month planning stage, we had to do a lot of research and did not know where to start. We found that some of the information required was not on available online and if it was available, was not up to date or on one individual comprehensive website.

So on our return, we thought of the possibilities of making a site that was available to the public for easy viewing and downloading with all our knowledge we had gathered before we left and whilst we were on the road. We want to give individuals the opportunity to submit content, to add a caution, view a recipe, tell a funny tale or submit a funny photo.

Coming Soon 40 ways to cook mince eBook

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