FREE toilet paper for your 1st “paper” Wedding Anniversary gift! Yes, FREE

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Married last August or September? Your 1st Wedding Anniversary approaches and the traditional gift is “paper”. JustPaperRoses is offering FREE, 1 roll of our “Happy 1st “paper” Anniversary” toilet paper (including shipping) to first 25 responders!

USA (PRUnderground) August 15th, 2011

Did you know the traditional gift for the 1st Wedding Anniversary is “paper”? In 1922 Emily Post (Miss Manners) established what has become the traditional wedding anniversary gifts for the:

• 1st (paper)
• 5th (wood)
• 10th (tin/aluminum)
• 15th (crystal)
• 20th (china)
• 25th (silver
• 50th (gold)

Who knows who filled in the rest of the years, but we have you covered for years 1 through 20, 25 and 50.

To help YOU become a customer we are offering FREE your choice of 1 roll of our “Happy 1st “paper” Anniversary toilet paper, OR our Lifelike Paper JustDeskRose™. Simply email us at with your choice, wedding anniversary date, and shipping address and we will send you your very own Anniversary toilet paper roll.

About JustPaperRoses: is an internet business since 1999 that grew from Jeff Block’s hobby of Origami. An avid twirler of cocktail napkin roses Jeff had the “aha moment” when teaching kids how to twirl a cocktail napkin rose and he created an “upscale” cocktail napkin rose which became a JustPaperRose® which then became a business, creating for over 35,000 customers worldwide, to date. Jeff has created “roses” for all the Anniversary themes, so now 25% of his orders are from repeat customers, coming back each year for their next bouquet!


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