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Now you can get three free minutes speaking to one of our very talented psychic advisors by phone, or chat.

World wide (PRUnderground) September 24th, 2013

Now you can get three free minutes speaking to one of our very talented psychic advisors by phone, or chat. You can also ask an email question free. You are alwyas allowed to use our free automated Tarot program as often as you like

John Marie Lawson has brought on more gifted psychics including our featured astrologer Persephone, and our talented numerologist Christiane, who are willing to take your calls or chat sessions and give you free three minutes over the phone.

You may schedule time or request a call by logging into our system at

Psychic Joan Marie Lawson is always finding new ways for you to get free psychic advice and test your connection to our talented intuitiveness. However, you’re only allowed one free call, or chat session so pick carefully amongst our gifted readers.

Wondering if your relationship will work out, if your lover is cheating? Or are you simply in need of a little advice to understand what you can do to change the dynamic in a relationship that has not been working for you? Our talented advisors are here to help you understand the steps you can take and the changes you can make to finally have that healthy long lasting, satisfying relationship you’ve always dreamed of.

This week we will be featuring Persephone our astrologer who will use your birth chart information to give you compatibility profiles and relationship forecast to help you understand the forces at play to decide what actions to take defined and have the relationship of your dreams. I

So come check out our new site at psychicwindow and find out which of our talented advisors you feel a connection to by getting your free psychic reading by phone.

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