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Former Union Minister Vinod Sharma reached Jantar Mantar, met to aided teacher in Dehli

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Former Union Minister and senior leader Vinod Sharma met to aided teacher in Dehli

India (PRUnderground) June 30th, 2014

June 29, Delhi, Former Union Minister and senior leader Vinod Sharma met to aided teacher in Delhi. During this time Aided teachers described their problems to venod sharma and accused the state government of fulfillment of promises. Teachers seeking support from Venod Sharma to fulfill their demands, on which Vinod Sharma has promised to support teachers untill complete their Demands. While Vinod Sharma said about governemnt annoucements made in Gohana Rally, CM Hooda must meet their promises.

Former Union Minister Vinod Sharma met the computer teachers, after met aided school teachers.  Computer Teacher are picketing at Jantar Mantar for the last several days. Meanwhile, Vinod Sharma met to computer teachers to discuss their problems and demands. Computer teachers also relied on its demands to Vinod Sharma.  Former Union Minister said demands of the computer teachers should meet and he is with them in their struggle.

While Vinod Sharma exclusive interview with Ravi Jangada reporter of India News Haryana, the former Union Minister laid their opinions on issues related to youth in discussion.  He advocated transparency in the interview system. The ongoing protest against the government in the state, Vinod Sharma told the result of non fulfillment of promises.  He said that if the Government had a promise, it should fulfill its own promises.

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