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“Forgiveness is a necessity for better health”, says Forgiveness Expert, Bill Krause

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CNN article agrees with the negative effects of unforgiveness and holding a grudge.

Sacramento, CA (PRUnderground) June 26th, 2014

The data that negative mental states cause heart problems is just stupendous,” states Dr. Charles Raison, associate professor of psychiatry at Emory University School of Medicine and CNNHealth’s Mental Health expert doctor.  “The data is just as established as smoking and the size of the effect is the same.”

Today, being National Forgiveness Day, is a good day to choose to forgive.  “It may not be easy, but it is not impossible,” says Bill Krause, author of Forgiveness- a Key to Success. “You have the ability on the inside of you to forgive.  If it were easy, everyone would be doing it and everyone would be getting great results.”

For anyone uncertain if he or she needs to forgive, here are some things to look for:

  • You think about your painful past more than your present day life.
  • You feel physically or emotionally upset when you think about the offense
  • You replay the situation repeatedly in your mind.
  • You are easily angered or irritated.
  • You feel life is meaningless.
  • You feel hopeless.

How to forgive and move on with your dreams, goals and success:

  • Admit that you are holding a grudge or are in unforgiveness.
  • Make the decision to let it go.  (This does not mean you condone what was done, you are simply forgiving the offense.)
  • Commit to replacing negative thoughts about the situation with positive words and thoughts.
  • Pray for the one who hurt or offended you.
  • Be grateful for the good things in your life.

Bill Krause Ministries offers several tools to assist you in achieving and maintaining forgiveness.  Train yourself to live life free from the pressure of unforgiveness.  Your mental, emotional and physical health will improve tremendously.



About Bill Krause Ministries

Bill Krause of Bill Krause Ministries is a dynamic and influential author, mentor, speaker, dedicated to his mission – improving the quality of life for people.

As a forgiveness expert, Bill Krause is dynamically dedicated to teaching and leading others to the true joy of living free from bitterness and experience wholeness from the inside out. He as been hosting his seminars in the United States, Africa and Europe, as well as monthly webinars that welcome viewers from around the world.

Bill Krause is also a passionate proponent of family with series of CDs, DVDs and books on the subjects of successful parenting, marriage and love. Bill works to build ordinary people into champions through personal advising, financial planning, time management training, goal setting and much more. His down to earth approach leads to extraordinary results. He quickly identifies the talents in others and guides them through the necessary steps to propel them to excellence.

Bill Krause has touched the lives of many people and ministries through his vibrant and refreshing approach to the truth of the Word of God. Bill lives what he teaches and preaches and is a true example of the love of God in everything he does.

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