Ford Cars top the UK Sales Figures for January

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Ford dealerships have been doing great business as Ford Cars take first and second place for number of cars sold in January 2012

UK (PRUnderground) February 6th, 2012

There’s some great news for Ford this month as it’s revealed that they had not just the first but also the second most sold car in the UK during January. Ford car dealers will certainly have been busy as Ford Fiestas topped the lists for more cars sold, followed by the Ford Focus.

The company has had a great record with UK consumers in recent years, and have reinforced the confidence that has been placed in them by continuing to improve upon the new Ford cars for sale which are on offer each year. By listening to customers’ demands, they have managed to create a set of vehicles which are exactly what Britain’s motorists want.

Fuel efficiency is one of the key areas for vehicles nowadays, and one that Ford has relentlessly attempted to improve. Their success in this area shows as the Ford Fiesta is in the supermini class of cars, renowned for their low running costs. To top the list with such a popular category of car against competition from other manufacturers is truly impressive.

This is a great start to the year for Ford, and if buying habits like this continue for the next eleven months then there’s no reason that Ford shouldn’t continue to see their vehicles cropping up in the lists of best sales again and again. Of course, in order to stay ahead of the competition in Britain, Ford will need to continue innovating and improving its products, so it will be exciting to see what the company has in store for the future.


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