For Allergic Cats, Pallergy Drops Treat the Source-Not Just the Symptoms

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Steroids and other medications may temporarily relieve cats' allergic discomfort, but new Pallergy oral allergy drops treat the allergic disease itself.

Scottsdale, Arizona (PRUnderground) February 10th, 2016

Like humans, cats can have allergies, too, leading to miserable symptoms such as swollen paws, fur loss, and skin infections. Medications like steroids and antihistamines can bring temporary relief, but Pallergy oral immunotherapy drops treat the underlying allergic disease for lasting results.

Like allergy shots, the oral drops are a form of immunotherapy-the only treatment proven to alter the underlying allergic disease. The drops, however, are safer than shots and far easier to administer.

Cat owners dispense the Pallergy drops once per day into their pet’s mouth. The drops can desensitize cats to the allergens in the environment that trigger their allergy symptoms.

Dr. Stuart Agren began prescribing sublingual drops to his human allergy patients back in the 1980s. As a pet owner, he wanted to find a way to extend the benefits of allergy drops to pets, so he developed Pallergy drops which are now available by prescription from veterinary dermatologists across the country.

The drops are formulated to desensitize pets to a highly comprehensive spectrum of allergens-not just a few local allergens.

“A lot of allergy immunotherapy treatments just target a few of the most prevalent allergens,” said Dr. Agren. “Since most allergens are airborne, though, pets can be exposed to many allergens on a daily basis. Pallergy drops protect patients against well over 100 of the most common allergens.”

Another perk of the drops is that they are easier on cats’ bodies than commonly-prescribed anti-allergy medications such as steroids. Steroids can lead to health problems including urinary tract infections, diabetes, obesity, and weakening of the muscles. Drops, on the other hand, are made of natural elements and are free of the side effects of synthetic medications.

Cats’ allergies typically manifest through itchy, swollen skin; hay fever (coughing, sneezing, drippy nose, etc.); and gastrointestinal problems including vomiting and diarrhea.

About Pallergy

Pallergy offers sublingual immunotherapy drops for pets. Injection-free allergy treatment for hot spots, itching, and atopic dermatitis. Allergy relief for a family\\\\’s pet pal is just a few drops away. Allergy veterinarians can now treat horse, cat, and dog allergy symptoms with Pallergy.

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