FlapJacked Launches Mighty Muffins, a High Protein, Gluten-Free Muffin That Cooks in Seconds.

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The first to market line of high protein single-serve muffins with probiotics, in which you add water and microwave 35 seconds for a delicious, fresh meal or snack.

Westminster, CO (PRUnderground) July 9th, 2015

FlapJacked, a Colorado-based company that produces a nutritious high protein pancake and baking mix line, is expanding its line-up to include Mighty Muffins. These muffins are a gluten-free, non-GMO, protein fortified snack with added probiotics.

FlapJacked™ Mighty Muffins with Probiotics are a first to market line of protein-packed and high-fiber, single-serve muffins with the added benefit of probiotics, which support immune health as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Simply add water, microwave for 35 seconds for a delicious, hot fresh meal or snack on the go.  Mighty Muffins are certified Gluten-Free, Non-GMO and modestly pack 20 grams of protein, a significant amount of fiber and just 220 calories in each serving (1 container).

According to Steve French at the Natural Marketing Institute, a recent U.S. study shows that two out of five consumers are increasing the amount of protein in their diet. Consumers see protein as helping to increase energy, maintain muscle mass and strength and help manage their weight. Additionally, the forecasts from Engredea News & Analysis name protein as a top trend and probiotics as No. 1 ingredients with consumer demand that continues to skyrocket. Probiotics are “good”, “friendly” or “healthy” bacteria that, when ingested, may help support good health.

FJ_MightyMuffin_Chocolate_fork.jpgBeing on top of the fastest growing food trends has positioned FlapJacked for explosive growth. Since inception, FlapJacked has grown from 76 stores in 2013 to 4,000 at the end of Q2 2015.  “Our growth is driven by quality products and fueled by consumer demand for ‘better for you’ foods,” said Jennifer Bacon, Co-Founder of FlapJacked.  “Mighty Muffins were developed under the promise to deliver high quality, healthier everyday foods. Partnering with retailers such as Whole Foods, Sprouts and most recently Kroger, exhibits success in the marketplace and positions our brand to offer better solutions to everyday products that are unexpected.”

Mighty Muffins are available in two flavors; Double Chocolate and Cinnamon Apple and are sold in a single-serve microwavable cup retailing for $3.99. FlapJacked Protein Pancake & Baking Mixes are available in a 12oz, 6-serving package in four different flavors; Buttermilk, Banana Hazelnut, Cinnamon Apple and Carrot Spice retailing for $8.99.

About FlapJacked

FlapJacked was founded in 2012 by Jennifer and David Bacon as a result of making changes to their diet to better serve the needs of their 5 children including their son Jace, who has Autism. Nutrition and fitness are always at the forefront for the FlapJacked Founders and their family. FlapJacked products are developed with specific goals in mind; to be delicious, protein-packed, fiber-rich and easy to prepare (just add water). FlapJacked Protein Pancake & Baking Mix can be found within the USA and Canada including retailers such as REI, Whole Foods (NASDAQ:WFM), Sprouts (NASDAQ:SFM) and most recently Kroger (NYSE:KR), To learn more about FlapJacked protein-packed products, to find great recipes or locations, visit http://www.flapjacked.com.

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