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First Ever Bible-Based Book on Understanding?

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"I couldn't believe that there's no other Christian-oriented book written solely about Understanding, because the Bible says, ‘…in all thy getting, get understanding.’"

Orangeburg, SC (PRUnderground) August 9th, 2014

There's a teaching rule circulating in the book publishing industry: Search Amazon to see if your proposed title has already been used. Shane Wall, a pastor of a growing church in the college town of Orangeburg, SC, did just that, and to his surprise and admitted delight, he'd be the first to ever publish a book entitled, 'Understanding' that was Bible-based.

"I couldn't believe that there was no other Christian-oriented book out there written solely about Understanding, especially because the Bible says, ‘…in all thy getting, get understanding.’" Wall said.  "One of my parishioners said to me, 'God saved this message for you to preach to the world.'"

A pastor friend of Wall's remarked, "I have been to church every week of my life and have preached and attended church services in over sixty countries, but I have never even once heard a sermon on Understanding.” Many have echoed his sentiments after learning of Wall's plan to author a book on this topic.

Wall admits that the subject seems quite abstract, but that didn't hinder him from churning out a whopping twenty chapters that only focus on the subject. Virtually every facet imaginable concerning Understanding has been thoroughly and masterfully researched and written by Wall, using as his only resource: the Holy Bible.

"The Holy Spirit led me on a study that spanned hundreds of hours of intense studying on this subject, pondering on hundreds of verses in the Bible that included the word 'understanding' and its derivatives," Wall explained. Even though Wall has been bestowed with an honorary Doctorate of Divinity degree in Africa and one in the US, his writings are not confusing or too intellectual to grasp. ‘Understanding’ is written in practical language, using several touching real-life stories that Wall has endured.

Pastor Shane Wall has garnered a truth that anyone would be hard-pressed to challenge. He notes and proves from God’s Word that people are successful simply because of what they understand well. “…and that’s what this book does. It teaches people how to understand well. Michael Jordan nor Steve Jobs (AAPL) would have been successful if they didn’t well understand their field.

Dr. Satish Raiborde comments, "I have read the Bible about 208 times, in 7 languages and 88 translations, yet I am still amazed and awesomely struck by the practical wisdom in this book on understanding."

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