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Finding the Right NYC Auto Accident Attorney is as Easy as 1 2 3

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By following these 3 simple steps, you can make the process of finding the right NYC auto accident attorney easy and stress free.

New York, NY (PRUnderground) June 13th, 2014

If you are injured in an automobile accident in NYC, finding the right attorney quickly can greatly improve the success of your legal claim for damages.  By following these 3 simple steps, you can make the process of finding the right NYC auto accident attorney easy and stress free.

1: Do Your Research.  A good place to start is the internet.  Most NYC auto accident attorneys maintain websites where you can find out about their practices.  When doing a web search, use key terms and details about your specific accident so that your search will lead you to auto accident attorneys with the experience that will best serve your needs.  For example, if you have a neck injury your search terms might be “NYC auto accident attorney neck strain.”  This type of detailed search should produce a list of qualified professionals.

2:  Meet in Person.  Once you have found one or more NYC auto accident attorneys that appeal to you, the next step is to schedule a consultation.  Most NYC auto injury attorneys will not charge a fee for an initial consultation.  Determine whether there will be a charge for the initial consultation before you go in to see the attorney.   Be sure to bring any relevant documentation with you to the initial consultation, such as the police report, hospital bills and records, any communications with your insurance company.

3.  Ask the Right Questions.  Perhaps the most important step in choosing your NYC auto accident attorney is asking the right questions at the initial consultation. The initial consultation is the attorney’s chance to evaluate your case, but it also your chance to evaluate the attorney.  Some good questions to ask are:

1)     What is your educational background?
2)    How long have you been in practice?
3)    How many recent auto accident cases have you handled?
4)    What were the results of those cases?
5)    How many personal injury claims have you successfully settled?
6)    Are you a sole practitioner or do you work with other attorneys?
7)    Do you handle the case yourself or would you refer it to another firm?

These questions will help you make a confident, well-informed choice.

If you or someone you know was involved in a NYC auto accident and sustained major injuries, contact The Ashley Law Firm to schedule an appointment with one of our NYC auto accident lawyers.  Our NYC auto accident lawyers are experts in NY auto accident and car insurance law, and will investigate the circumstances of your situation and research appropriate laws and case history to determine whether you have a possible auto accident claim.  If we find that you do have a potential auto accident claim, our NYC auto accident lawyers will work with you to develop an effective legal strategy that will help bring quick and just resolution to your claim.

Contact us now to schedule a free initial consultation with one of The Ashley Law Firm’s NYC auto accident lawyers, and let us help you take the first step toward resolving your auto accident case.

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