Finders Probate Genealogist Support Moves To A More Consumer Friendly Legal System

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Finders international probate genealogists today welcomed moves towards a more consumer friendly legal services system.

UK (PRUnderground) October 27th, 2010

Finders international probate genealogists today welcomed moves towards a more consumer friendly legal services system. This follows the announcement of a new Legal Ombudsman to give consumers a single point of contact for complaints against lawyers, as well as evidence of growing interest in the establishment of Alternative Business Structures (ABS’s). ABS’s, established by barristers and solicitors, offer a one-stop-shop for consumers requiring legal services.

Speaking this week, Daniel Curran, Managing Director, Finders said:

“Taking stock of recent initiatives such as the new Legal Ombudsman, we are delighted to see progression towards a more consumer friendly legal system. The new Legal Ombudsman has been established by the Office of Legal Complaints to allow consumers to bring complaints against a solicitor or barrister through one convenient channel. Finders support any initiatives such as this which raise standards in the service consumers receive, particularly as we work so closely with solicitors in the provision of wills and probate services.

“We are also pleased to see the Legal Services Act taking effect with the growth of new legal services firms operating as Alternative Business Structures, as these mean that consumers can access services of an even higher standard and value. As wills and probate are the one area of law which nearly every member of the public is likely to come into contact with in their lifetime, whether writing a will, or as a beneficiary, executor or other interested party, consumers here can particularly expect to see an improvement in service provision.”

Finders, as a professional probate genealogy firm, specialises in providing wills and probate services to underpin the work of solicitors. They specialise in identifying and tracing heirs, locate people who may be beneficiaries under a will or the intestacy rules, and as well as solicitors, are frequently instructed by executors or administrators and trustees, or may act directly for the beneficiaries. Effectively integrating these services into a broader offer for the public in the new ABS’s will therefore bring significant benefits for the consumer.

Daniel Curran added, “Finders looks forward to continuing to provide consumers with the highest standard of service in wills and probate, and we welcome the development of a legal services market which is even more attuned to consumer preferences”.


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