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Find out more about the safety features of a Handicare rise and recliner chair

Industry: Home & Residential

Every one of the chairs that are available from Handicare come with some vital safety features fitted as standard.

UK (PRUnderground) May 22nd, 2013

Along with comfort, there can be no question that safety should be a number one priority when you are looking into the purchase of suitable rise and recliner chairs for the elderly, whether the person who will enjoy it is yourself or a loved one. More than any other, Handicare is a mobility aid group which places the highest of values on staying safe in the home, and our products reflect the fact that we do not believe complete comfort needs to come at the expense of security and peace of mind.

Every one of the chairs available from Handicare come with some vital safety features fitted as standard, which will act to reassure in the event of your having any concerns about the quality of the item you are considering.

A unique, integral safety barrier that comes into action whenever the base of the chair is raised from the floor will ensure that you really can relax when you lay back, as it will prevent any unwanted objects from becoming trapped underneath. Handicare’s chairs benefit from a back up battery as well, which means that even a power cut in your home will not leave you stranded; if, for example, you are fully reclined when the lights go out, the user will simply be able to lower the chair back to its standing position without fuss.

Recliner chairs, of course, are just one of several product lines which Handicare specialise in, with the company’s stairlifts, showers and baths also enjoying a strong reputation among disabled and elderly communities across the UK and beyond.

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Handicare provide mobility aids for people all over the country. Whether you need a stair lift, a walk in bath or a rise and recliner chair, you can come to Handicare and be sure that you\\’re getting a quality unit.

Visit the website at www.ageukmobility.co.uk or call on 0800 566 8826.

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