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Organic farming has become hugely popular recently, as more UK consumers show an interest in sourcing their food from unmodified, environmentally friendly sources.

South West (PRUnderground) April 4th, 2013

Organic farming has become hugely popular in recent years, as more and more UK consumers show an interest in sourcing their food from unmodified, environmentally friendly sources. An increasing proportion of farm owners are now also becoming aware of the potentially lucrative nature of adopting methods which can lead to their operation being labelled as organic, and we at Mole Valley Farmers are more than happy to share our expertise on this industry with you.

Far from just being somewhere that you can buy products such as electric fencing for horses, our website also acts as an information hub for all those involved in the agriculture sector around the South West and beyond, and one of its many features is a fully downloadable document entitled ‘Organic Farming – An Introductory Guide’. This can give you all the general information you will need when it comes to deciding whether or not you think going down the organic route would be possible and profitable for you and your colleagues.

Useful facts and figures covering everything from land and crops to stock and feed is included here, and we feel sure that you will gain a lot from reading through it if you have recently been thinking about making the switch to organic production. Our online base does, of course, also display our wide range of goods like women’s and men’s wellies that can be purchased with a few clicks or by visiting one of our popular stores, so why not take the time to have a browse of our catalogue once you have downloaded our organic guide?

About Mole Valley Farmers

Mole Valley Farmers was started in 1960 by a small group of farmers around South Molton who were concerned by the discriminatory practices and the large margins being taken by many of their input suppliers. From the outset it was decided to treat all members equally, subject only to quantity allowance and that the Company would operate on the minimum margin to allow continuity and growth. Today it remains one of a few true co-operatives in the supply industry.

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