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Most online poster printing websites look like they'll be easy to use, but turns out they aren't. This is not intentional. It's because of real gaps that have existed in the online poster printing technology, that nobody has been able to solve... till now.

Denver, Colorado (PRUnderground) April 1st, 2011

Most online poster printing websites look like they’ll be easy to use, but turns out they aren’t. This is not intentional. It’s because of real gaps that have existed in the online poster printing technology, that nobody has been able to solve… till now.

Two of the greatest challenges for online printing websites and their users are the uploading and online rendering processes. The first challenge is having a robust enough system that can convert ALL the different file types to a scalable/printable vector file format. The second challenge is being able to do that in an an automated online environment. Almost all online poster printing and enlargement sites out there have been struggling with and unable to tackle this challenge. As a result, many users have had frustrating experiences in getting their files and images printed as posters online.

After several years of working to figure out a solution, finally created the only uploader and online rendering system that will work with ALL image-related files and render them into scalable vector files to print as perfect poster-size prints. Customers can now upload almost any vector or raster image/file and have it printed into posters without having to convert file types. .jpg .tif .bmp .png .gif. .psd .pdf .ai .eps .doc .xls .ppt and .rft files can all be printed! This has made things much easier for professionals, small business advertisers, as well as general consumers.

PosterBrain can now easily upload and render any image file type, from Adobe Photoshop files to PDF’s to Microsoft Office documents to JPEG’s and GIF’s. PosterBrain prints the highest-quality custom posters available, printed and shipped the same day… now a whole lot easier.

About PosterBrain:

PosterBrain is the world’s first user-friendly and affordable, professional quality poster printing service. With PosterBrain, you can print your pictures as full-size, 200 year archival posters, and for a price that beats the competition by more than half. Please note that I had no idea what ‘archival’ meant until I started working here. I suppose I could tell you the definition but my dad always made me look up definitions when I was a kid so I think you should do the same.

Other companies charge you extra to process your order on the same day, but at PosterBrain we print your posters immediately. When you order you’ll get a confirmation that your poster is printing right now and it’ll actually be true.

Your choice in shipping options means you’ll have your order when you need it, and we’ll ensure you’ll be 100% satisfied before, during, and after your order is complete.

Our entire goal at Posterbrain is to Enlarge Happiness. Every single decision we make is dominated by the notion that we have to be the best in the world at enlarging your pictures and making certain the process is super simple and fun. We can’t wait to show you how good we are at it.


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