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Fiik Electric Skateboards is Proud to Donate a State-of-the-Art Electric Skateboard to an Inspiring

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Fiik Electric Skateboards is proud to donate one of their coveted skateboards to Jamarion Styles, a deserving 12-year-old boy

Ft Lauderdale FL (PRUnderground) July 30th, 2015

Jamarion immediately inspired the Fiik team when they met him this summer at the City of Stars event presented by Del Ray Beach Sports Exhibitors. While Jamarion’s arms were amputated after contracting a flesh eating bacterial infection when he was eight months old, he didn’t let that get in his way when it came to hopping on an electric skateboard at the event.

IMG_2504 - CopyFiik Vice President Patrick Pires notes that since electric skateboards are powered through rider-operated remote controls, he first offered to come up with a special accommodation for Jamarion to ride one. “He said, ‘No I can do it. I can do this.’ It took him less than a minute and he figured out a way to put the remote under his arm, gain control and took off,” Patrick says. “It was remarkable and unexpected. Everybody came to see him riding and he continued riding all day long with us.”

Jamarion’s courageous and positive attitude aligns with Fiik’s no-boundaries ideology and inspired the electric skateboarding company to donate a state-of-the-art model to support Jamarion as he continues to push the bounds in life.

“It opened our eyes to see how our product can improve the lives of children with disabilities, or at the very least, put a big smile on their faces,” Patrick says. “He is so vibrant and it was refreshing to see his attitude. He fell in love with our product and it shows that he is unstoppable. We feel that providing him this board is going to make him that much more cooler—because he is already a cool kid. When he hops on this and goes to school on it, he will be the coolest kid around.”

IMG_2509 - Copy-1Jamarion is excited to try out his new board and share it with his friends. “I find it really awesome! I want to thank Fiik because I feel that they really care about me,” he says. He also hopes that he inspires others to push the bounds on what they think is possible. “Nothing will hold you back. Never say you can’t—just try,” he says, “you might be surprised at what you can accomplish.”

Fiik Electric Skateboards is a frontrunner in the electric technology industry and provides the highest quality electric skateboards and accessories in the market. The brand is dedicated to pushing the limits and is proud to uphold the mantra, “Future Is In Knowledge.”

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