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From their Showroom located in Bellmore, NY, Family Fence provides consistent and reliable fencing and railing solutions that are safe, durable and affordable.

Long Island, NY (PRUnderground) December 17th, 2015

Imagine having to climb and descend a tall winding staircase without having any railings – that can be quite a scary thought.  As a trusted railing installation company with over 15 years serving Queens and Long Island, we here at Family Fence now offer many different types of railing to suit any style while consistently providing safety and security. From our Bellmore showroom, we are proud to offer solutions that give you something secure to lean on in many different environments.

Despite the fact that many of us use railings on a daily basis, we do not stop to consider the importance of railings for safety. Railings complete the design of our patio or deck and we tend to use them as a convenient spot to hang bunting, flower beds, lighting or holiday decor. We enjoy leaning on them, but too often we take for granted that our railings are strong, supportive and aptly sized. So we are here now to remind you of the importance of railings for safety and not just decoration.

Do not ever, for a moment, underestimate the importance of railings, especially on ledges, stairways and decks. A railing most certainly can add beauty and curb appeal to a home or building but the primary purpose of the railing, first and foremost, should always be safety. To help you understand just how important railings are, we’ve put together a few situations in which railings are helpful, comforting, and help prevent fatal accidents:

  • Should a person lose their balance on a stairway or suffer from muscle weakness, they may rely on the railing for support. This is especially important for young children, the elderly, and people with disabilities. When a person who struggles with mobility comes upon a staircase, just seeing and knowing that the rail is there should offer a sense of comfort or confidence.
  • Railings found on a deck and ledge, provide a much needed barrier between the surface of the deck and a high vertical drop. These railings help protect curious children, inebriated people, wild pets, and unaware adults.
  • If a person suffers from a condition such as vertigo or a debilitating fear of heights, a railing can make them feel more secure.
  • On days that are windy, a railing can help keep contents of your porch or deck from flying right off the edge. This includes any item such as furniture, umbrellas, toys, cushions, etc. The railing also allows you to place items on the edge of your porch or deck without fear (like sofas, barbecue pits, and flower pots).

Whatever your appropriate need is for railing installation, Family Fence on Long Island is fully equipped to provide this service. Offering railing systems including pvc, iron, glass, aluminum and stainless steel cable, our solutions are strong, durable, decorative and affordable. Our scope of railing installation services is quite broad, and we’re staffed with professionals who can answer your railing-related questions. Call us today, we look forward to hearing from you.

About Family Fence

Family Fence is a trusted and experienced fence, railing, decking and awning installation company with 20 years serving Long Island, Queens, Suffolk and Nassau Counties from our Bellmore, NY showroom. We get it done right, overseeing all projects with great care and detail while providing superb customer service. We offer reasonable pricing and a wide range of fences, railings, decking, awning, pergolas and post caps for our valued customers. From small, private homes to large-scale commercial projects, we back everything with the same guarantee. All our work is completed with integrity and backed by service members of the Bellmore Chamber of Commerce.

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