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As the temperature drops, icy patches and other hazardous conditions along walkways and streets will become more prevalent. Fair Rate Funding is anticipating a rise in pr

Manasquan, NJ (PRUnderground) November 13th, 2014

Fair Rate Funding, a leading national settlement funding firm, has announced they are now offering some of the lowest rates on pre-settlement funding to plaintiffs involved in premises liability lawsuits. Fair Rate Funding is committed to providing plaintiffs in civil proceedings with the financial support to pursue their legal battles while they wait for settlement.

As the temperature drops, icy patches and other hazardous conditions along walkways and streets will become more prevalent. Fair Rate Funding is anticipating a rise in premises liability filings as individuals hurt while walking on such hazardous surfaces seek reimbursement for their injuries.

Property and business owners are responsible for maintaining the safety of their holdings, which includes ensuring that any and all walkways on their property are free of ice and other hazardous conditions, such as loose gravel or uneven surfaces. Individuals who are injured due to a failure to maintain and secure a property are well within their rights to file suit against the negligent property owner.

While many plaintiffs are able to realize substantial settlements in these cases, the proceedings can be lengthy and costly, often putting significant pressure on plaintiffs to seek out and accept lesser settlement amounts.

“We know how long it can take for some victims in premises liability lawsuits to realize a successful outcome,” stated Marjorie Ray, Operations Manager and Client Liaison at Fair Rate Funding, “And with the expected rise in premises liability filings, we want our clients to know we are committed to providing them with settlement funding to help them ‘stay the course’ in their cases.”

While nothing can speed up the long and drawn out process of a premises liability lawsuit, settlement funding can provide a much needed influx of cash to help lessen the financial hardship of the delay in reaching justice. Fair Rate Funding works with clients to help them realize fair compensation for their suit.

Settlement funding is a non-recourse cash advance that can be used at the plaintiff’s discretion. Settlement funding is sometimes referred to as lawsuit loans or settlement loans, but they are not technically loans.  There are no upfront fees required to secure settlement funding and the borrower is required to make payment on the advance only if and when they realize a recovery.

You can learn more about settlement funding and what cases qualify on Fair Rate Funding’s website at (http://www.fairratefunding.com/).

If you or someone you know is currently involved in a premises liability lawsuit and requires financial assistance to hold out for a fair settlement, call Fair Rate Funding at (888)-964-2224.

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