Facebook Playing Catch Up to BuzzChatr?

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BuzzChatr.com social media marketing automates Facebook Feature Pages and highlights services/products better than the new "Call-to-Action" buttons offered in Facebook.

Toronto, Canada (PRUnderground) March 13th, 2015

Facebook now allows business owners to create “Call-to-Action” buttons in page tabs. The idea is to help drive traffic back to a business conversion page, a confident move since this deliberately sends traffic away from Facebook. This is a good first step to help business, but BuzzChatr’ integration into Facebook is better!

It’s better because BuzzChatr.com offers more. It automates the creation of Facebook Feature Pages that have call to action button, a full blown description, countdown clock and Disqus comment board. It also saves business owners time since each feature page takes only minutes to create.

buzzchatr_facebook_feature_page_exampleUsing BuzzChatr.com feature pages customers actively engage with rich content rather than passively view a call to action button, which can be easily missed or ignored.

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How Facebook Tabs Get Traffic To A Website

When an individual creates a Facebook Feature Page BuzzChatr automatically creates a social media marketing campaign at the same time. The campaign is made up of a description of the service, product or interest, social reach stats as well as a posting tool.

The posting tool has a pre-loaded message and ANYONE can post this campaign message with links to their social accounts…this is how NEW clients find their way to a business’s website.

buzzchatr_campaign_posterBuzzChatr.com allows business owners to;

  • create Facebook Feature Pages to highlight a service or product
  • setup a posting tool with a standard message allowing ANYONE to share via social media
  • drive traffic from social media to a conversion link.

Success in social media is NOT an event, it’s a series of simple, deliberate tasks consistently applied that build relationships. Get Social with Purpose ™ – BuzzChatr


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BuzzChatr automates the creation of social media marketing campaigns and Facebook feature pages to drive traffic to your service, product or interest.

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