Facebook Facts The Numbers Are Insane!

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Facebook has turned into this incredible one man show. Well no not really, the fact is that because of us the users….almost 500 million and counting, the Facebook numbers are staggering. I mean we have friends, groups, fan pages, games, gifts, pokes and so much more. Who would have thought that you could have 2,000 friends hang out with you all at once…A year and a half ago PRUnderground and so many other companies had no Facebook fan page. Now it seems if you do not have one you are left in the dark.

OK so in my eyes the best investment ever made by anyone in the history of investing has got to be that of PayPal’s Peter Theil. Think about this: He invested a paltry $500,000 dollars to help bankroll Facebook. Imagine what that is worth 3 years later…Holy Crap!!

Another incredible move has got to be by the boy wonder himself…which we should give the respect of calling Mr Zuckerburg. he did not let Viacom’s Mike Wolf, Yahoo or anyone of the vultures…Ooops I meant venture capitalist buy him out. Not bad thinking for a 21 year old. What 21 year old kid would say no to a billion dollars. Brilliant I tell ya.
If you have not read Mark Zuckerberg: The temptation of Facebook’s CEO I suggest you do. in the meantime…read theses amazing facts…

Ohh hey now we need Facts about Twitter.

Facebook: What You Probably Didn't Know
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  • uskovic

    Wow, the stats are amazing. Small business through to Fortune 500 companies need to understand the power of Facebook. It's never too late to get in the game, in my view. With Facebook growing daily in popularity in all age groups, marketers can easily start any business reaping the rewards.

  • Very well said. I totally agree with you there. Ride the social media wave and reap the rewards.

  • youcannow

    Learning facts about things is crazy! Love it! – I deleted my Facebook account three times before I ever started using it! Now it has become intregrtated in everything I do.

  • Sally_Neill

    Hey Alex,

    I am slowly but surely realizing I need to start utilizing the power of social media marketing, social media sites are almost spiraling out of control.

    Sally 🙂

  • Faceboook is just insane

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