Facebook App to Run Timeline Contest on Facebook Launched by Apps Mav

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Apps Mav has launched an exciting, mobile-compatible app to help businesses run a Timeline Contest on Facebook.

Sydney, Australia (PRUnderground) December 16th, 2013

Facebook recently changed its promotional guidelines to become more accommodating of businesses marketing themselves on Facebook, by allowing them to run Facebook contests from their timeline itself. While this simplifies matters immensely for Page Admins, it also raises multiple questions that need addressing before such a contest could be run, otherwise they risk a page ban. For example, participants still need to agree to contest terms and conditions for it to be valid participation, and running a timeline contest provides no space for these T&Cs to be shared. This used to be easily fixable by using a 3rd party app for contests on Facebook. Sorting entries can be an insurmountable task, too, if the entries run into 3-digit numbers.

To incorporate the ease of a Facebook Timeline contest with the numerous benefits of using a 3rd party app to run a contest on Facebook, Apps Mav has launched the Facebook Timeline Contest app. Apps Mav is a startup from Sydney, Australia, involved in creating some truly unique Facebook Apps. The Timeline Contest app is Apps Mav’s solution to help business owners set up a contest on Facebook within minutes, while using the contest to not only increase Page Fans and interaction, but to also generate leads.

Running a timeline contest with the app is simple enough. Admins can simply ask a contest question within a status update, while sharing the shortened link of the app (provided within the app) in the update. Participants can simply leave a Comment on the status update, or Like your Post, as indicated, and then simply click on the link to leave their details. The app also has a dedicated space to display both contest terms & conditions and brand guidelines which participants can view conveniently. Page admins can also sort the entries per their requirement, at the click of a button, to see Comments with most Likes, Comments with most Replies, all Likes, all Comments, and more and pick a winner from within the app while spending less than a minute sorting the entries.

The Apps Mav Facebook Timeline Contest app is super simple to install, easy to set up, and requires no technical know-how. The highly customisable app also allows to display custom banners to promote branding. The app comes with a fan-gating feature, meaning that participants have to Like the page and become Fans before participation, contributing to a spike in Page Likes. The app is fully mobile compatible, like all Apps Mav apps, and even comes with custom language settings, enabling admins to display the contest in a language their Fans are most comfortable with. The app’s in-built sign-up form has custom form fields, and details collected through this form can be accesses through instant email notifications, or saved in a subscriber list to be used for future promotions via the integrated email marketing system – the Apps Mailer. Admins can also export the details of all participating entries to a CSV file at the touch of a button.

The Apps Mav Timeline Contest app is now available for the low price of $4.95/month (0-500 Fans) and purchasing the app unlocks a host of other amazing Facebook apps which can be used to run a Facebook Photo Contest, a Caption Contest, Sweepstakes, offer Coupons on Facebook, share Group Deals on Facebook and more. Their upcoming Instant Rewards Facebook app will even allow business owners to reward their Fans instantly for interacting on their Page, by sending a coupon straight to their email.

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Apps Mav; Maverick Mav’s application development arm, enables Social Commerce and Social Marketing Campaigns, which help businesses drive engagement among their Social & Mobile consumers.

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