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Explore Your Senses add to their exciting and popular sensory companions toys

United Kingdom (PRUnderground) March 12th, 2015

Explore Your Senses have added a new exicting range of sensory companions to their range! The new enhanced range of  companions are proving extremely popular.

Sensory toys can give great pleasure to children with additional/ special needs, such as Autism, ADHD, Dyspraxia. They can develop valubale motor skills playing with the right toys. Toys which enhance senses include chewies, fidgets, musical toys, tactile toys and are often sought by teachers, parents and carers of special needs children.

The popular Tranquil Turtle projects a gently moving blue underwater light effect that can be adjust for brightness and for extra calming effects if plays tranquil melody and ocean waves sounds, with a handy auto shut-off after 20 minutes.

Another extremely populat sensory companion is the Firefly Frog, This plush attractive frog will provide two soothing sounds of rain with crickets or lullaby melody to create a calm environment to help ease fear of the dark. Fireflies twinkle magically in the frog’s belly making it enchanting to watch.

Cosmic UFO A fascinating UFO that helps children transition from playtime to sleep time. When its time to play, the UFO has three fun light sequences and a motion sensor that triggers “flying” sounds. When its time to sleep, relax with one of two soothing sounds, while the UFO projects Aurora Borealis lights.

Other sensory companions include Charley the Chameleon, Twilight Fox & Alligator, Twinkles Octo and Glow Cuddles Bear

They are ideal for calming, a great visual tool and encouraging a healthy sleep routine. They will soon become a favourite in any sensory area or bedroom!

Most of the sensory companions ARE suitable for babies, but please check the website for specific information about each toy.

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