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We at Setfords Solicitors have a number of dispute resolution law experts on hand to help you with a range of issues.

Guildford (PRUnderground) May 14th, 2012

We at Setfords Solicitors appreciate that everyone can become involved in an unwanted argument sometimes, often through no fault of their own, which is why we have a number of dispute resolution law experts on hand to help you with a range of issues.

If, for example, you are involved in a contentious probate or trust dispute in which different family members or third parties disagree on capacity, undue influence or provision matters surrounding a will or estate, we will work hard to ensure that arguments like this, of such a sensitive nature, are resolved as soon as possible and, hopefully, without the case having to go to court.

We will also be able to give advice if you are facing insolvency. Those considering bankruptcy or being pursued by creditors should always seek sound legal counsel, and the specialists at Setfords Solicitors can lead you through what is always a difficult and complex situation with a minimum of fuss and disruption to your life.

Our solicitors in Guildford and around the country have helped to build Setfords a strong reputation since its formation in 2006. With many talented lawyers specialising in services for both businesses and individuals, ranging from debt recovery and personal injury claims to commercial property and family law, you are sure to be impressed by the comprehensive nature of the guidance we offer.

The dispute resolution areas outlined in this article are just some of those we have a broad knowledge of, so contact us today and see how we can assist with whatever issue you are facing.

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Setfords Solicitors was founded in 2006 and has quickly established a reputation for giving excellent, straight-forward and legally priced legal advice.

With solicitors across large parts of the UK, Setfords Solicitors provides expert legal advice that is carefully tailored to your situation. Services are provided for both individuals and businesses in a wide range of areas.

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