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ExpertQuote’s COO, Raj Singh, comments on court ruling

Silicon Valley (PRUnderground) June 25th, 2015

Following the Supreme Court ruling today on the King v. Burwell case, six million people will not lose their tax credits, the individual insurance market will not be destroyed and the group insurance market will not be rocked.

What was this about? It was about individual health insurance tax credits secured from a Federal exchange. States that did not create a State-sponsored health insurance exchange used the Federally-run HealthCare.Gov exchange. California was one of the states that did create their own exchange: Covered California.  Thirty-seven states did not create their own health insurance exchange. Six million people secured a Tax Credit/Subsidy/Free Health Insurance from the Federally-run health insurance exchange.

The argument in the King v. Burwell case was that Tax Credits/Subsidy/Free should only be available to residents of a state if and only if the state has created a health insurance exchange; i.e., health insurance tax credits should not be available to people if they have secured them via HealthCare.Gov (the Federal exchange).

Raj Singh, COO of ExpertQuote said, “This was about State versus Federal government powers and questioning whether the Federal government can come into a state and setup a health insurance exchange and give residents of that state a tax credit.” The Supreme Court ruled today, that Federal subsidies will be allowed regardless if they are secured from a state or Federal exchange.

What would have happened if the ruling was the opposite? Six million middle- and low- income adults would have lost their Tax Credit/Subsidy/Free Health insurance. These six million people would have left the individual market as health insurance would have been unaffordable to them. Rates in the individual market would have increased by more than 50%, leading to further deterioration of the individual and destabilizing the individual market and the core foundation of ObamaCare.

What impact would have this had on Group Health Insurance Market? Given the current ruling, none. Given the opposite ruling, large tidal waves in the water can affect all shores; a mass exodus in the individual market, leading to spiking of claims in the individual market, leading to nervous insurance companies (Anthem, Cigna, Blue Cross, etc.) had the propensity of increasing of rates in the group market in order to stabilize the individual market.

Will this stop being a political football now?  Is the duel over? This is unlikely. ACA will move off the daily political talking point until the outcome of the political election in 2016.  If Republicans secure control of the executive and legislative branches, then and only then will we see significant amendments to the law. Given the integration into the DNA of the health care industry, it is fair to assume that a repeals is an unlikely outcome.

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