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TLC Live employs only the most highly qualified, personable and inspirational teachers to help with our ambition of getting pupils reaching their full academic potential.

UK (PRUnderground) January 4th, 2013

TLC Live offer expert online tutoring for children from six to 16 years of age, giving parents and schools alike the reassurance and peace of mind they need to be sure that the pupils under their care are learning and performing to the very best of their abilities.

An exclusively internet-based service from the TLC Education Group, TLC Live employs highly qualified, personable and inspirational teachers to help with our ambition of getting all youngsters who come to us reaching their full academic potential.

It is not just the quality of our teaching staff which means that our students and their guardians can have complete confidence in our methods; each member of the tutoring team here at TLC Live is able to draw on a comprehensive selection of more than 6,000 hours of educational material to assist them in achieving the goals of our pupils, so you can truly rely on the almost endless list of resources that our teachers have at their disposal.

Whether your child is struggling at school or you suspect that they are capable of performing at a higher level and may be held back by their peers, the friendly and expert maths, English and science tutors at TLC Live can help to ensure that the student in question is given the best possible chance of success in the classroom after benefiting from the extensive knowledge of those who work with us.

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TLC LIVE, the online tutoring service from TLC Education Group, offers individually targeted tutoring to help boost confidence, improve school grades and enhance exam results. We help students aged 6 to 16 with English, maths and science and cater to all abilities whether gifted and talented, struggling at school, or somewhere in between.

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