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EVDrive’s Technology Allows Electric UTVs (Side by Sides) to Compete w/ the Best – A Paradigm Shift?

Industry: Motorcycles

This flexible & powerful hybrid electric powertrain technology allows an AWD/4WD electric UTV to be truly multi-purpose, multi-application & multi-market segment vehicle.

Portland, OR (PRUnderground) February 12th, 2014

EVDrive introduces Terra-Torque-Drive™, a 4WD or AWD (more accurately known as IWD – independent wheel drive) technology, that as a complete hybrid powertrain package, has been touted as a potential paradigm shift in the UTV / side by side industry, as the Tesla Model S represented to the performance luxury car segment.  Similarly, prior to Tesla’s Model S, electric cars were low performance vehicles desirable only to the “tree-hugger set”.

In the last few years, and partially due to inadequate technology, UTV OEMs have been reluctant to compete with their gas powered models and as a result have relegated their electric UTV models to utlity only low performance glorified golf-cart type offerings. A Terra-Torque-Drive™ powered UTV will be able to change all that and be able to deliver many benefits that current gas-powered UTVS simple cannot provide.  For example, power in remote locations for construction/utility/ranch applications, ability to run silent for hunting/wildlife observation & with full time 4wd torque vectoring, can deliver off-road handling & performance for sports/recreation, addressing a substantial amount of the needs in the consumer, prosumer & commercial markets for UTVs today.

A Terra-Torque-Drive™ powered UTV with the LPG- gas- or diesel-powered EVDrive Range Extender (REX), also called PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle), would have several advantages over today’s UTVs:

  • Highest efficiency 4wd drivetrain of any UTV today
  • Zero radius turning – e.g. allows safe exiting of extremely narrow trails
  • Torque and power -100 to +100% can be dynamically sent to any wheel, in either direction, in any combination, at any time delivering safe and sure-footed traction in high speed maneuvers
  • 120 VAC power from onboard battery pack, backed up with the REX
  • Greater river depth traversal due to completely sealed liquid cooled e-motors/power electronics.
  • Stealthy low noise operation in electric-only mode

In the accompanying video to this press release, some of the e-UTV tech demonstrator more technical features are revealed, such as: control touch screen for the Terra-Torque-Drive™, specifically the interface to the in-house developed VCU, shown in accompanying picture links below, and optional engine sound synthesis unit some OEMs expressed interest in, with 2 sounds demonstrated in the video, a gas turbine and V-twin motorcycle sound.

Addition of the15kW REX not only gives the UTV full performance and range to match and exceed top UTVs on the market but also offers a feature the competition does not, that is 120vac of electrical power anywhere you need it.  “With the REX sub-system part of the Terra-Torque-Drive™, a hybrid UTV can be a true Swiss-army-knife UTV, able to deliver power in remote locations for construction/utility/ranch applications, run silent for hunting/wildlife observation & with full-time 4wd torque vectoring, can deliver off-road handling and performance for sports/recreation, in summary, addressing all needs in the consumer, prosumer and commercial markets,” said CEO, Steve Tice.

“Similar to our 25kW REX technology installed in our Series-PHEV BMW325 tech tested -> http://bit.ly/PHEV-BMW-3-series but smaller, our custom high voltage 15kW-single cylinder (ICE) powered REX for the UTV is located between the rear seats – so with this sub-system, competing against top 4-seat UTVs in range will not be a problem – certainly the performance meets and beats stock UTVs we have tested” said EVDrive’s CTO Bob Simpson.  The REX gas engine can be modified to run on LPG as well offering additional emissions and operational cost advantages.  EVDrive’s REX technology supporting the hybrid e-UTV development has been already designed & proven in EVDrive Series PHEV BMW 325i Technology Tested here shown sealed below rear spare tire floor – no protrusion above stock floor as shown in pictures at link included above.

An earlier release details more about this game-changing powertrain technology for the UTV industry

Front or Rear “Digital or Electronic Differential” – Finally, another benefit of the EVDrive torque vectoring technology platform is that Terra Torque Drive™ technology also supports “half the system” applications, making it a 2 wheel front or rear electronic differential – with all of the potential torque vectoring functionality OEMs may want to match and exceed mechanical counterparts (diff lock, posi-traction, stability control, etc.) – with lower parasitic losses and software upgrade capabilities.

About EVDrive Inc.

EVDrive is a design, engineering, systems integrator and low volume manufacturing firm that develops both hybrid and electric only powertrains for new or conversion of existing vehicles which yield “no operational or performance compromises” when compared to their internal combustion engine designs.  It has been developing its own systems, components and software, and focuses primarily on high performance electric drive systems in support of OEMs, commercial fleets and vehicle conversion companies.  EVDrive-Train is an in-house developed set of scale-able modules that makes up a vehicle powertrain.  Besides the hybrid UTV, other vehicles demonstrate the versatility of the architecture.  Series PHEV BMW E46 3-series tech demonstrator performs better than the original vehicle with over 10k miles of trouble-free operation.  Not only is this hybrid e-BMW now higher performance in every way, it is also being primarily fueled by sunlight, truly Net-Zero on energy.  On the EVDrive R&D lab/shop, a 5.6kW rooftop mounted and grid tied solar array delivers 17k miles worth of e-BMW driving energy annually in the Portland Oregon area.  There is a full range of 35HP to 800+HP EVDrive-Train models (http://bit.ly/EVDrives) using different technology motor cores to suit the specific electric power needs of commercial fleet and consumer 2-4 wheeled vehicles.  Another EVDrive-Train application is a specific conversion kit designed and installed in ENSI (http://ensindustrial.ca/) mid-size Toyota Commercial Mining Pickup Truck Chassis.  For commercial fleets, EVDrive’s Smart-Boost-Battery and Smart-Boost-Traction upgrades are under $20k installed, they lower cost of operations by 10-40% and have short ROI for fleet owners – 2 city transit fleets have been testing these systems w/ fuel usage reductions up to 17% recorded to date.  Picture of Smart-Boost-Battery units ready to be installed in city transit buses (http://bit.ly/Smart-Boost-Battery-pix). Using a 65HP version of the EVDrive-Train family, EVDrive has also developed a motorcycle version of this powertrain technology for conversion of Honda CRF250R motocross bikes with no compromise in performance for use on real motocross tracks.  This is the true enabler MX bike for Indoor/outdoor motocross parks in high density areas.

About EVDrive Inc.

EVDrive™ develops & supplies hybrid & electric powertrains for two markets: Commercial Fleet Vehicles & Powersports Vehicles. It also licenses this technology.
With in-house developed IP, the EVDrive-Train™ 7 sub-system powertrain architecture, creates custom configured high performance optimized electric (BEV) and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) powertrains for OEMs.
EVDrive™ also offers its new Smart-Boost™ aftermarket upgrades for fleet buses & any other vehicle with high electrical loads – these are short ROI, relatively low-cost hybrid retro-fit kits which can lower fleet vehicle operating costs up to 40%.

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