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Blackwater Law says it can help accident victims receive the compensation they deserve

United Kingdom (PRUnderground) March 18th, 2014

Blackwater Law  offer help for personal injury victims when accidents occur in the workplace and in schools. Recent cases highlight the need for expert legal advise for such personal injury victims.

A schoolboy was awarded over £15,000 in compensation when a DVD case was thrown at him by a teacher. Essex County Council were ordered to pay the sum “in accordance with the guidelines of the Judicial College Guidelines”. The boy was left with a permanent scar after the teacher apparently threw the item. The Council claimed that the act was performed “accidentally” as the teacher in question attempted to pass the DVD to the pupil.

It’s said that around £65,000 was been handed over between 2011 and 2013 by the Council for injuries. Thirty-four payouts were also given to teachers by the council during this period, with one teacher being given £230,000 after slipping in a corridor in 2008. The payouts have caused debate, with some commentators saying that they represented what has become a crisis in “compensation culture”. Others feel that the cases in question show that negligence has become commonplace amongst councils, particularly in schools.

The NUT’s Jerry Glazer said that claims of a “compensation culture” in schools were unfair and that many teachers felt they were being treated unfairly by school management teams. Essex County Council defended its health and safety strategies.

Finding the right personal injury specialists

The effects of an accident can be life-changing, with many victims citing a feeling of powerlessness when they can’t get the right legal support. Blackwater Law has helped a number of accident victims to get the compensation that was rightfully theirs. It is staffed by a team of fully-qualified and trained personal injury lawyers who are able to use their in-depth knowledge to help injured people to make a successful claim.

Blackwater Law, personal injury solicitors in Essex, have helped a wide array of clients to take their claims to trial or receive a settlement. Being members of the APIL (Association of Personal Injury Solicitors), they offer what they call a “professional and personal” approach designed to suit people pursuing both small and large claims. With direct access to the assigned member of staff virtually always being possible, meetings can take place in person, on the phone or via e-mail.

A spokeperson for Blackwater Law said that the recent cases showed that claims can be successful no matter how well-known or prestigious the company responsible are.

“Our personal injury lawyers have a detailed working knowledge of the laws surrounding injuries at work and in schools. Our support is fine-tuned to ensure that justice prevails. We endeavour to always ensure that those affected by injuries that weren’t their fault can achieve the outcome that they are looking for.”

Blackwater Law says that it strives to always keep its clients in the loop about how things are progressing with their accident at work claims. It says that more and more clients are getting the compensation that they deserve when putting forward things like head injury claims with their team.


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Blackwater Law is a trusted firm of qualified personal injury solicitors who have the right expertise and experience to help you make a successful claim, should you ever need to.

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