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Travel Agents Provide Expert Travel Advice and Peace of Mind for Your Next Vacation

United States (PRUnderground) November 13th, 2014

According to U.S. Travel, of those U.S. residents searching for lodging in September for a trip later in the year, 70 percent were looking for a stay within the United States, as opposed to a stay in another country. While the options for researching and booking one’s vacation are endless, according to the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), the use of traditional travel agents appears to be growing, with approximately 13% of U.S. travelers using a traditional travel agent in the past year.

“If there’s one thing I’m a proponent of, it’s the value and services a good travel agent brings to the table for vacationers,” commented Erik the Travel Guy.  “A reputable travel agent is skilled in navigating the endless supply of vacation options, will help in preplanning and booking a trip and can provide assistance if needed while on the road.”

ASTA’s recent study, Value of Travel Agents, conducted by MMGY Global, found that more than half of Millennial (59%), Xer (53%) and Boomer (58%) leisure travelers who used travel agents believe that vacations planned with travel agents were better than those organized without their assistance and that consumers who use an agent travel more than those who don’t.   Erik the Travel Guy believes everyone should have a travel agent; to find one and make the most of their services, he suggests:

  • Go with a pro:  Use an ASTA certified agent as the organization educates its members on operating high-caliber, competitive businesses.

  • Get a referral:  Tap your network of friends, neighbors and relatives who use an agent they trust; call several agencies to find the one that best suits your needs; and consider everything, especially an agent’s willingness to listen and answer questions.

  • Be prepared to spend time with your agent:  Agents work best when their clients work with them, be prepared to spend time with your agent outlining your wants and needs for your trip.

  • Be realistic:  Do some pre-research on your upcoming vacation, desired places to visit and your specific needs; have a pre-determined budget and set some expectations as to the caliber of trip you’ll be able to take in relation to your budget.

  • Consider all travel logistics:  The rule of thumb is that one can secure the best rates when booking in advance; book all travel arrangements at the same time, including air, hotel and car reservations, to avoid the sometimes negative dynamics of supply and demand (i.e. waiting to book a car during spring break in Florida until the day before your trip).

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