Erase Repair HA Skin Care Introduced by Beauty & Truth

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Nevada's Beauty & Truth expands upon release of new product, Renewing Serum CE, along with Erase Repair wrinkle cream rollout.

Las Vegas, Nevada (PRUnderground) November 18th, 2015

Beauty & Truth isn’t your everyday cosmetics company. Founded in 2011, Beauty & Truth is at the forefront of cosmetics innovation. Their Las Vegas headquarters is a mashup of vibrant colors and a splash of modern stylings. A “splash” is exactly what they’re making in the cosmetics industry, too. With a string of several new product line launches over the last year, including their smash success Renewing Serum CE, the company announces one more product launch to close out Q4, 2015 with a bang. Capitalizing on the latest advancements with hyaluronic acid, Beauty & Truth is proud to announce Erase Repair HA, a breakthrough in skin hydration.

Priding themselves on being at the forefront of topical solutions, Beauty & Truth is dazzling skin-savvy consumers with Erase Repair HA. Erase Repair HA’s cellular renewal cream has a proprietary formula specifically designed to continuously combat the effects of aging.

About Erase Repair

Collagen is a protein found in skin and is responsible for giving skin its firmness, smoothness, and plump appearance. As people age, collagen production decreases. Erase Repair HA’s active ingredients aim to counter-balance the effects of decreased collagen production and is designed to work with all skin types.

Erase Repair ingredients take advantage of a unique blend that provides both instant and long-term benefits that give the appearance of firmer-looking skin around the eyes. Beauty & Truth’s latest product is designed to penetrate quickly and hydrate skin to deliver a dewy glow. Erase Repair HA’s secret weapon? Hyaluronic acid.

Beauty & Truth’s VP of Product Research, Rebecca Thompson, comments on Erase Repair HA’s use of hyaluronic acid. “Hyaluronic acid works by binding to moisture. In fact, this miracle component can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. The result of its intense holding capacity equals plumper skin, which minimizes the appearance of wrinkles.”

Embrace the rejuvenation and hydration that comes from holistic skincare. To learn more about Erase Repair HA visit or call 1-866-710-5109.

About Erase Repair

Erase Repair HA products are designed to awaken the skin’s true beauty. With the use of the purest ingredients, this exceptional line of skincare nourishes the skin from the inside out. Active ingredients in Erase Repair facilitate in trapping moisture, which in turn hydrates the skin, prevents dryness, and addresses skin woes on a cellular level to minimize signs of stress caused by environmental toxins and irritants.

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