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Industry: Horiculture

Our online calendar provides a host of top tips specific to each period of the year for budding horticulturists across the country to make use of

Europe (PRUnderground) July 19th, 2012

The Spalding Plant & Bulb Company and its associates have over 65 years of experience in shipping quality gardening products and equipment all over Europe, enjoying a strong reputation for delivering excellent goods that reach their destinations in perfect condition.

What makes the service we offer even more special, though, is the level of dedication we show to all our customers on a daily basis. There’s plenty of evidence of this on our extensive website, which has a number of interesting and enjoyable features for you to take advantage of and that should help you get as much as possible out of the plants and tools you have at your disposal.

One of these features is a special calendar that provides a host of top tips specific to each period of the year for budding horticulturists across the country to make use of. For the month of July, for example, there are almost fifteen individual articles currently available to read, which cover every aspect of gardening you could wish to find out more about.

From what plants and seeds you should start growing now, to how you can make the inside of your home look its seasonal, summery best, and even how to keep things looking great in the garden when you go away on holiday, this generously detailed calendar really does contain a wealth of information which you are sure to find useful. Don’t miss out – click onto our site today and start reading!

About Spalding Plant & Bulb Company

Spalding Plant and Bulb Company are one of the UK’s most trusted mail order garden catalogue businesses, with a reputation and experience as a garden mail order business which spans over 65 years.

Be reassured with our expert knowledge in getting the very best quality flower bulbs, roses, perennials, seeds, and other garden related products direct to your door, which has made us the market leader in the United Kingdom.

With our long tradition of superior customer service, value for money and plants of the highest quality, you can also be rest assured as we offer up to 5 year quality guarantee on a wide range of our products.

At Spalding Plant and Bulb Company we also take great pride in offering all the very best garden information, seasonal gardening tips and assistance that you need to make the right choices. Whether you are a seasoned gardener or just beginning on your gardening journey, we will help you develop your skills on the road to becoming the expert gardener.

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