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Encore Data Products to Offer Phiston Technologies MVC-V-SSD MediaVise Compact SSD V-Spike Destroyer

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Encore Data Products has added the Phiston Technologies MediaVise Compact V-Spike SSD Destroyer to their line-up of technology products. Phiston’s MVC-V-SSD is a dual-ac

Denver, CO (PRUnderground) February 4th, 2015

Encore Data Products has added the Phiston Technologies MediaVise Compact V-Spike SSD Destroyer to their line-up of technology products.

Phiston’s MVC-V-SSD is a dual-action solid state media sanitizer. Including PDAs, cell phones, memory cards and circuit boards, this innovative product completely wipes and destroys any and all data in a wide variety of solid state media, keeping your personal information secure and private.

phiston-mediavise-mvc-v-ssd--2.jpgIt is being evaluated by the NSA and As recently as January 2015, was approved by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) for inclusion in their prestigious Security Equipment Guide (SEG).,weighing in at 135 pounds and measuring 16 by 22.5 by 9.75 inches, the MVC-V-SSD takes less than 30 seconds to completely purge all data from solid state media. The chamber can hold up to one full size SSD or 2 laptop SSDs. These can then be either 1.8, 2.5 or 3.5 inches. Once activated, 20 tons of force are applied through a hydraulic power module, crushing the SSDs between 187 interlocking razor sharp steel teeth. This causes the media to be crushed and pierced on both sides and over the entire surface area of the SSD, resulting in the fracturing of the ceramic integrated chips. The pulsated electric jolts that then disable those sensitive components come from four separately powered sectors, each delivering their own electric pulses. Once complete, the remains are ejected from the machine into a separate drawer that can be taken out and emptied into a receptacle. Such a method means there is no touching of potentially harmful or sharp debris and no mess to clean up. The pieces are also ready to be recycled.

To increase its safety, the doors are lock-outs, meaning the machine will not turn on unless the doors are completely shut. Through its 50,000 use lifespan, there is never a need to replace any of the internal blades or plates, and a technical service team is on call nationwide, ready to be deployed to repair any problems should the need arise. Absolutely no adapter is necessary, and its small size and footprint makes it ideal for smaller settings.

According to Phiston, “improper disposal or inadequate destruction of data on storage media are leading causes of data piracy and identity theft.” This led to their development of such a machine. By offering a way to completely destroy stored information, companies once again have power in their own hands. Purchasing the MVC-V-SSD saves both time and money as you no longer have to look to external services to take care of the hardware for you. Besides this, you get to keep all information in house, reducing the risk of classified pieces of information falling into the wrong hands.

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Encore Data Products was founded in 2006. Currently a privately held Louisville, CO company, their customer base includes all industries, from hospitality and education, to military and government. Their philosophy is to provide great products at great prices that are delivered on time. All customers are treated with excellent customer service, competitive pricing, easy ordering, worldwide delivery and free shipping on the majority of ground orders priced over $49.99. They are Bizrate certified, accredited by the Better Business Bureau, a member of the Education Market Association, and a proud supporter of the entrepreneurial spirit of Colorado. You can find more information about Encore Data Products and the Phiston Technologies MediaVise Compact SSD V-Spike Destroyer at http://www.encoredataproducts.com/

About Encore Data Products

We are a privately held company located in downtown Louisville, CO founded in 2006. We have a wide customer base that includes clients in hospitality, medicine, education, professional music, TV & film, government, the military and more. Our ever-expanding product selection and free shipping options make us the first and only stop for clients around the U.S.

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