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Egress Switch named as UK Government’s first CPA Foundation Grade certified email encryption product

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Egress Switch becomes the only UK Government CPA Foundation Grade email encryption product certified by CESG.

United Kingdom (PRUnderground) October 23rd, 2013

Egress Software Technologies confirms that Egress Switch has been successfully verified against Desktop and Gateway Email Encryption Security Characteristics at Foundation Grade.

Egress Switch assures delivery of IL3 data to insecure endpoints, and is suitable for sharing IL2 and low-threat IL3 data through the internet between government departments and third party organisations under current policy guidelines.

CESG is the UK’s national technical authority for information assurance, and is charged with enabling secure and trusted knowledge sharing for government sectors and agencies, as well as the armed forces.

Commercial Product Assurance (CPA) is available to platforms performing security functions within the lower threat environments. This provides assurance that they have been tested against CESG standards.

A CESG spokesman has commented on the announcement that has seen Switch become the only CPA approved product for email encryption at the desktop and gateway:

“We are delighted that Egress Switch has passed its CPA evaluation and will be certified to protect public sector information up to IL3. The CPA programme was set up by CESG to certify commercial security products for use by government, the wider public sector and industry. As such, it plays a crucial role in helping organisations select security products that have been independently assured and are fit for purpose. In the case of Switch, Egress’ innovative technology and commitment to demonstrating that it meets CESG’s standards means that the end-user has confidence that they are selecting an email encryption product that has been approved by CESG and is capable of protecting their organisation and the data they share from external threats.”

CEO of Egress Software Technologies Tony Pepper said:

“At Egress, we recognise the challenge that organisations in the Public Sector face when trying to share sensitive information with external third parties. While existing networks such as GCSX, PNN, NHSmail and CJSM offer transport layer security when communicating across Government, in many cases sensitive information is not being afforded appropriate levels of protection when shared outside Government to external delivery partners, citizens and third sector businesses.”

“Working closely with the team at CESG, we have looked to tackle this information sharing challenge head on by offering customers real solutions to real problems. As such, this certification makes Switch the only CESG CPA approved product for sharing sensitive data up to IL3 across and outside Government,” continues Pepper. “In doing so, we are now able to provide an encryption platform that enables public sector organisations to improve efficiency and enhance the services they provide to the wider public, while delivering end-to-end information assurance throughout the lifecycle of shared information.”

Egress Software Technologies is based in London, UK, and is the leading provider of email and file encryption software that enables organisations and individuals in both the private and public sectors to share confidential information with third parties securely.

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Egress Software Technologies provides an on demand collaboration service to enable businesses and individuals to share information securely Offered as a hosted solution or a ‘private cloud’, Switch supports email, CD DVD, or files uploaded to Web.

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