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Eco Green Indoor Surf Events WOW any Trade Show, Corporate Event or Promotion

Industry: Event Planning

Surf Simulator Events is a creative group delivering waterless, indoor surfing events worldwide-15 yrs. plus! Their customizable, interactive Eco games are educational.

Honolulu - Hawaii (PRUnderground) June 18th, 2012

The best idea for any type of event that wants to WOW the crowd whether it be an  Eco event, trade show, corporate party or promotion should include  “interactive” participation.  But the key to success is providing an interactive  even idea that is highly unique, exciting and challenging for any age group.  The level of participation is part of the success in “engaging” your potential customer.

The company’s  new lineup of interactive software includes an Eco Surf Simulator Virtual game featuring the ability to customize the visuals on their  proprietary PC software –  any brand, logo, photos of products can be included.  This is a cool and fun way to tie your brand into the popular and growing “green movement”.  Here is how the system works:

1) Client provides logo,  art, photos of their brand and service.

2) Images are placed into strategic areas of the interactive game so that during the game play, those brand images are displayed and rotated as people stand on real surfboards controlling all the on-screen action.

3) Mini videos pop up after the game is over to make a statement regarding the event  – the theme of the event can be communicated every 2 or more minutes.

4) The actual PC game  is played by standing on the electronic surfboards that are connected to computers . People balance on the surfboards which are only 2 inches off the ground and control the Eco Surf Game action (like being a human joystick)

5) Free licenses are provided to all clients –  companies are allowed to  replicate their customized game and have it as a downloadable on their company website or to give away as prizes during the event or trade show.

Surf Simulator Events has a proven track record with clients such as Microsoft, Hawaii 5-0, Motorola, Extreme Home Make Overs , Verizon, Baxter Medical, Sony Entertainment and many more. The electronic surf simulators are  a fun way to gather and entertain crowds  for any trade show, corporate party, fund raiser, grand opening or team building.

For your next event idea consider an “interactive”  or  “be green” event to engage your customer.


It all started a little more than two decades ago when a small ad agency was hired to create a never been done before promotion for its client that owned a chain of surf shops. Determined to create and promote to the hilt the Worlds First Indoor Surfing Contest, the agency set to work on developing what was initially a relatively archaic surf simulator. The national broadcast and print media picked up on the event, crowds went wild, the client was beyond thrilled and a business was born. Today, Indoor Virtual VIdeo Surf Simulator Events is the premier developer and primary source for the worlds most advanced and respected indoor surf simulators.

The companys client list reads like a Whos Who of anyone that matters on Wall Street: Disney,Honda Motors, BMW Motors, Good Year Tire Corp., Hawaii 5-0 ,Sony Entertainment, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Discovery Channel, Nike, Motorola and Verizon, to name just a few. All of these companies have experienced the tremendous buzz and energy generated by having an indoor surf simulator at their company party, trade show and events that span from South Africa, Dubai, Japan, Australia and New York.

Now that same level of excitement can be generated anywhere by anyone who owns or rents one of these incredible electronic virtual surf systems. i – 3D Virtual Surf Simulators Hawaii has made it easy with their multifaceted platforms that are light weight, easy to operate and sets up in minutes.

Our genuine surf simulators from Hawaii deliver excitement at any trade show, party, promotion, grand opening, and corporate team building! i – Surf Simulators Hawaii have been in the business for more than 25 years and our experience is what delivers a lasting, unique event for anyone and any age – we are the original and GENUINE made-in -Hawaii! We have been hired for corporate trade shows, retail promotions, museums, restaurant chains, hotels, malls, theaters and more!…any event becomes a sensational hit with our indoor video surf systems.

A Profitable, Fun, Green Business Opportunity Like No Other the company also features reclaimed surfboards www.surfsimulatorevents.com

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