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DWG Announces Dates for Digital Workplace 24 in 2015

Industry: Information Technology

DWG has announced that it will run Digital Workplace 24 (DW24) again in 2015. The online event, which runs for 24 hours straight, will take place on May 20th and 21st.

New York (PRUnderground) December 4th, 2014

The Digital Workplace Group (DWG) will once again hold its signature global online event, Digital Workplace 24 (DW24) from 11am GMT on Wednesday, May 20th to 11am GMT on Thursday, May 21st, 2015.

DW24 is a free virtual conference that fills a 24-hour period with live site tours of intranets, collaboration platforms, enterprise mobile apps, HR portals and more. Each hour of the show will include a live site tour through some aspect of a globally recognized company’s digital workplace, as well as a fascinating educational presentation from an industry expert.

DW24 is free to attend and the 24-hour format ensures rich content for viewers in every time zone. The online format allows much broader participation than in-person conferences offering similar content. Viewers can tune in for any amount of time, up to the full 24 hours, or can dip into the event for specific hours that particularly interest them.

The initial lineup of live site tours for DW24 in 2015 already includes Adobe, Barclays, EY and IKEA.

DW24 last ran in May 2013 and included live tours covering various aspects of digital workplaces from such respected global brands as Accenture, Alaska Airlines, Coca-Cola, IBM, IKEA, SAP, Tieto and Virgin Media.

DW24 very uniquely brings together the global community of intranet and digital workplace professionals. The event offers an agenda of cutting-edge content unmatched by any in-person event on the same topics. It does this in a format that allows mass participation and attendance by global and dispersed teams, unrestricted by travel budgets and conference stipends.

Videos of the entire event, spliced into individual segments, will be available privately afterwards on-demand to Digital Workplace Live Subscribers and DWG Members.

To learn more about DW24, visit

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