Dress.Up Designs Give Jawbone UP Owners Fashion Options With Kickstarter Campaign

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Two Calgary women have launched a new product called a Dress.Up to cover fitness bracelets in designer prints. This makes them more fashionable and comfortable to wear.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada (PRUnderground) November 7th, 2013

Debuting less than a week ago, Dress.Up cover-ups campaign has reached the halfway point of their $10,000 pledge goal for their fashion print cover up for fitness bands. Made of stretch material, the company’s current focus is on these fashionable items for the Jawbone Up wristband.

Dress.Ups will provide a variety of “dress up” slips to better provide wearers a more personal fabric option. Jawbone Up Dress.Ups are just the start as co-creators Pat Daunais and Julia Turnbull plan to create fashion print cover ups for other wearable technology gadgets like the Nike+ Fuelband and Fitbit Flex.

As stated in their Kickstarter campaign, funds will be used to finance an initial production run of Dress.Ups that will turn their early prototypes into a useful, practical product. Prototypes were tested early on to insure that the Dress.Ups do not interfere with fitness bracelet functionality. Their hope is to reach the goal soon enough to have the first initial manufactured products delivered to backers by Christmas.

Jawbone Up has quickly grown and has been featured in the coveted September Issue of Vogue magazine for its sleek and fashionable design. Their products have already been spotted on the likes of fashion bloggers at Paris week. The New York Post even makes note of the product’s popularity in a recent article: Whichever fitness band they ultimately choose, fashionistas are opting to layer them with Chanel bangles or Cartier watches.”
The idea to create Dress.Up all started between two Canadian women, Pat Daunais and Julia Turnbull. They were sharing their Jawbone Up stories, and one found that her Jawbone was chafing her skin while she slept. The other wanted to dress up her Jawbone to coordinate it with her daytime attire but also provide herself with transitional options for nighttime events.

New York designer Charlotte Ronson was recently quoted in the New York Post on how functional her Jawbone UP was but that she’d like to see them come in “different prints.” Dan Cobain of TechMania 411 wrote in his post Why I Won’t Wear Wearables (Yet) “the tech giants will need more involvement from bona fide fashion designers and celebrity trendsetters.”

With the Jawbone Up only being offered in eight standard colors, it’s hard to stand out in the fashion world. This mutual dissatisfaction motivated Pat and Julia to start experimenting with different materials and to develop the Dress.Up that allows individuals utilizing this armband technology to look better, feel better and sleep better.” Anyone interested in pledging to the Dress.Up Kickstarter campaign is encouraged to do so, as those who do will be the first to receive this exclusive product.

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