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Dr. William Bray, Quantum Physics Incompatible With Atheists Ideas About Intelligent Design and Cons

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Interview examines the connection between quantum physics and human consciousness.

California (PRUnderground) August 10th, 2012


Join Skeptiko guest host Enrique Vargas for an interview with Quantum Physicist Dr. William Bray, author of, Quantum Physics, Near Death Experiences, Eternal Consciousness, Religion, and the Human Soul. During the interview Bray explains what his theories reveal about the relationship between consciousness and the universe:

Enrique Vargas: You give an argument for the eternity of consciousness that so logical, so strong, so powerful… why is mainstream science so reluctant to admit this? Not only reluctant, but very belligerent and hostile towards any expression of spirituality or any insinuation of, for example, Intelligent Design.

Dr. William Bray:  Let me tell a little story.  We’ll go back to the beginning of the 20th Century.  and another urban myth and misconception is that a these scientists, Schrodinger, Oppenheimer, Einstein, Dirak, Bohr, were Atheists. They were not. They were very deeply religious men and a lot of people misquote a lot of the things they said to try and propose the idea that they were Atheists. For instance, a lot of people love to misquote Einstein’s famous quote, “God does not play dice,” as somehow affirming that he’s Atheist and does not believe in quantum theory. His statement was very clearly referring to the fact that a mechanistic universe does not exist. He was actually beating on Schrodinger at that point. He was telling Schrodinger, “It’s not pure probability mechanism. It’s by design.”

What we see in science today is not really a mode in science. It’s a mode in society. You know, Stephen Hawking isn’t talking about—even though equation or proposal he’s made has been proven incorrect— even so, he’s not saying what’s he’s saying because he’s a scientist. He’s saying that because of the way he was raised.

What my theory did was take consciousness out of the universe in order to solve the equation. If you look at consciousness as something that does not exist in the physical universe it resolves all the paradoxes and all the equations and everything just fall together.

Enrique Vargas: Right because you can’t set an infinite into a finite environment, right?

Dr. William Bray: Yeah, exactly. Consciousness must be infinite in order for it to exist. N over infinity equals 0. If it is finite it doesn’t exist. It’s okay if the physical universe doesn’t really do this. It’s just a construct. But your consciousness is either finite and therefore you don’t exist, or it’s not finite and you exist for infinity. If you exist for infinity, an infinite thing cannot fit inside of a finite system, this universe. You are not here.

The Skeptiko interview with Dr. William Bray (audio and transcript) is available at:

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