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Seaweed or ocean vegetables are an unexpected powerhouse of nutrients.

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What makes Fucoidan a powerful alternative treatment and what are the benefits of taking it? Certain types of edible seaweed have preventive properties. Among them are the brown seaweeds such as the kelps and wracks. The powerful and natural constituent of these brown seaweeds is called fucoidan. This natural compound can also be found in other varieties of seaweed such as; Wakame, Mozuku and Kombu. And about 4% of the dry weight of seaweed contains fucoidan.

A group of Japanese researchers at the Biomedical Research Laboratories discovered that fucoidan induced anti-tumor activity in mice when they introduced it to their animal models. The researchers observed that this seaweed extract effectively activated a process of natural cell death, referred to as apoptosis, among leukemia, lymphoma, stomach and colorectal tumor cells. But that’s not all! Fucoidan has also been found to build up the immune system and regulate the body’s cholesterol levels.

Another study further confirmed that the extract from brown seaweeds help fight cancer. Based on the study of the Hashemite University in Jordan at the AACR Dead Sea International Conference on Advances in Cancer Research, the fucoidan extract contributes to apoptosis or programmed cell death. Cancer cells had either shrunk or were completely destroyed.

The seaweeds, Mozuku and Wakame, are regarded as rich sources of fucoidan. Since these types of seaweed are abundant in Okinawa, Japan, the residents of Okinawa made the record of having the lowest cancer mortality rate because of the tradition of eating uncooked kombu; wherein the fucoidan is concentrated. Although other Japanese cook their kombu, compared to western countries, Japan has lower breast cancer rates, possibly due to their consumption of fucoidan-rich seaweeds.

The Mozuku and Wakame seaweeds also have the capacity to make cancer cells self-destruct. In Japan, in a particular research trial, when the laboratory technicians administered the fucoidan enzyme to a petri dish containing cancer cells; the results were complete destruction of all cancer cells within three days. Therefore, the researchers concluded from their observations that the cancer cells were destroyed by fucoidan.

Aside from being a natural food, these nutritional benefits may persuade you to consume Fucoidan:

Fucoidan seaweed extract has a preventive effect. Specific unique components (fucoidan, fucoxanthin, alginic acid, laminarin) of brown seaweeds have been shown to inhibit cancer cell proliferation. However, red seaweeds, which lack these compounds, also inhibit proliferation. For more details please click here.

Fucoidan seaweed extract contains antioxidants, which provide a radio-protective effect. Fucoidan is an antioxidant derived from several species of brown seaweed and because of its source it is not a part of most people’s diet. It has a number of anti-aging properties.

Fucoidan seaweed extract has an apoptosis effect. Fucoidan may block the growth of cancerous tumors by preventing new cancer cells from attaching themselves to other cancer cells, a requirement for tumor growth.

Fucoidan seaweed extract has an anti-inflammatory effect. Further Fucoidan is an anti-coagulant and anti-inflammatory which helps keep the blood thin and thereby reduces the risks of arteriosclerosis.

Fucoidan seaweed extract has an immune enhancing effect. Fucoidan has been shown to stimulate the immune system and fight both bacteriological and viral infections.

Fucoidan seaweed extract can restore the body’s pH. Our modern time has greatly affected your diet. Much of what is eaten today is acidic in nature and that’s definitely not good. In order to help restore your body’s pH level, you need to eat more alkaline foods such as seaweed.

Fucoidan seaweed extract may help purify our blood. The chemical composition of these ocean vegetables is similar to that of your blood plasma; hence, eating seaweed is a great way to keep your blood free from toxins.

Fucoidan seaweed extract is rich in fucoxanthin, especially the brown seaweed. Fucoxanthin, via its metabolites, seems to be stored in fat cells for a prolonged period of time and can induce fat loss while inhibiting fat cell differentiation and proliferation. Although only one human study has been published, it appears to be a promising non-stimulatory fat loss agent but requires time to work (5-16 weeks).

Fucoidan seaweed extract can help your thyroid. Since seaweed is naturally rich in iodine, it helps your thyroid gland to maintain a healthy metabolism which is needed in regulating your body weight. Eating seaweeds can help you lose weight because it breaks the chemical bonds of fat cells.

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