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Doylestown Food Co-op Aims to Expand Level of Service with Help of New Crowdfunding Campaign

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Funds raised by Doylestown Food Co-op through NovoLaunch crowdfunding campaign will add storage capacity for local, healthy crops and other food items this summer.

Doylestown, PA (PRUnderground) June 19th, 2014

Doylestown Food Co-op, a member-owned grocery store that provides access to local, healthy food for both members and non-members, has launched a new campaign on crowdfunding site NovoLaunch to expand its capacity to provide locally grown food to people in the community and to increase its outreach into the community, according to Lisa White, Board President.

“A relatively small community came together in the most wonderful way to create this store.  Now it’s up to the larger community to help grow and sustain it so it is here for a very long time,” White said.

The campaign aims to expand on the Co-op’s successful start in order to serve the community and farmers by bringing the bounty of our local farms to local customers as the growing season moves into full swing. Funds raised through the campaign will help the Co-op add refrigeration and storage to handle an increased quantity and variety of fresh local produce and other foods. The campaign will also enable the Co-op to connect with more people in the community to make them aware of the Co-op’s products and services.

The Co-op plans to add a large produce cooler within the store, offsite storage for local crops and other food products, and additional refrigerators and freezers for storage. People interested in learning more about the campaign and/or contributing can see complete details on the site at:

People who support the campaign will be eligible to receive recognition on the Co-op’s website or on a plaque in the store, as well gift certificates for the store based on their level of contribution.

“The Co-op is a community grocery store that has generated thousands of dollars of sales of product from local farmers and producers, provided a central location for members and non-members to get access to excellent local products, and done all this with member equity and no debt,” according to Board member John Lasala. “This crowdsourcing campaign will help us expand to meet the increasing demand that comes with the summer season, and help keep us economically viable so that we can serve the community for years to come.  Support the Co-op and support your community!”

The Co-op, located at 29 West State Street in Doylestown, PA, currently offers a strong selection of products that are largely organic, non-GMO and earth friendly. Seventy percent of sales at the Co-op have been from local farmers and producers. Today the Co-op offers:

  • Local produce
  • Local pasture-raised and grass-fed meats
  • Local dairy, including conventional, organic and raw milk and cheeses
  • Local eggs
  • Bulk herbs, teas and locally roasted coffee
  • A broad array of mostly organic bulk products
  • Local breads and baked goods
  • A selection of groceries that is largely organic, non-GMO and earth-friendly

About the Doylestown Food Co-op

The Doylestown Food Co-op is a member-owned grocery store, located in the heart of Doylestown. While owned by members, everyone in the community is welcome to shop at the Co-op and have access to fresh, local food.

Local food is fresher, more nutritious and tastes better (because it is fresher).  It supports local farmers’ ability to make a living.  Customers will know how the food was raised (minimal or no pesticides and fertilizers, organic, conventional, etc.) so they can make educated choices.  It is better for the environment because it helps preserve farmland and the food travels much less than the average produce in a regular grocery store (1,500 miles on average).  For more information or to join the Doylestown Food Co-op, go to http://Doylestown.Coop

About NovoLaunch

NovoLaunch is a crowdfunding platform focused on health, wellness and nutrition initiatives. The campaigns you will find here are a blend of for-profit and not-for-profit efforts. They all have one thing in common — helping people live better, healthier, longer, more productive and happier lives.

NovoLaunch is a service offered by Novotorium, a business incubator helping health, wellness and nutrition startup businesses succeed. In the course of working with many people, we learn of many worthy initiatives that we\\\\’d like to make known to a broader community of people.

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