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Down the Road Brewery Continues Rapid Expansion Into the Boston Craft Beer Market

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Microbrew upstart strikes a balance between history, tradition and innovation

BOSTON, Massachusetts (PRUnderground) October 13th, 2015

Down the Road Brewery, a homebrew operation turned local craft brewing sensation, is pleased to announce the continued expansion of its brand and its signature beers throughout the state of Massachusetts. The brewery has plans to announce two additional craft beers before the end of 2015 and is currently constructing its brewing headquarters and taproom in Everett, MA, while also expanding the number of locations with its beers on tap.

Complementing the four already established flagship beers that have garnered rave reviews across the state, Down the Road Brewery will soon introduce two additional brews to its repertoire. Undine Double IPA and a Russian Imperial Stout will become available shortly, to kick off the fall season and further establish the company’s reputation as a growing local brewery. These two new recipes join a popular repertoire of options that includes an American Pale Ale, a German-style Kolsch, a French Belgian Saison and an English Nut Brown Ale.

“Adding two additional beers to our core group of already popular options is something we’re announcing with great pride,” said Donovan Bailey, President and Founder of Down the Road Brewery. “An expanded line of options will fuel our push into new markets, while also showing our current fans that we’re constantly and consistently putting together winning recipes that can be enjoyed by beer drinkers of all preferences.”

With its core line of beers expanding, Down the Road Brewery is also seeking to solidify its place alongside established Massachusetts craft brewers through the construction of its very own brewery and taproom. The venue, located at 151 Bow Street in Everett, MA is currently under construction, with a goal to open to the public in spring of 2016. When completed, the taproom will showcase a balance of high-end, smaller batch beers, as well as a selection of large-volume beers brewed by Down the Road Brewery.

“Down the Road Brewery has been a long time coming conceptually and now that the training wheels are coming off, we have very high hopes for just how great of a brewery we can build here in Massachusetts,” said Matt Mantyla, Co-Founder of Down the Road Brewery. “The brewery and taproom are our next big goals and we’re aggressively pursuing them. It’s an exciting time for us!”

Brought to market in March of 2015, Down the Road Brewery and its unique beers have exploded in popularity throughout the state. Currently, more than 230 prime locations from Worcester to Boston serve Down the Road beers, including popular venues such as Wegmans, Yankee Spirits, Kappy’s Liquors, Julio’s Liquors, Gordon’s and a number of Craft Beer Cellars.

The brewery’s selection of fine craft beers heralds more than 20 years of brewing experience and a penchant for traditional brewing techniques. Each time a new recipe is considered, the company studies the history of the style being emulated to decide on proper experimentation and improvements, without straying too far from the original style of the brew, to preserve the uniqueness of the craft. Down the Road Brewery also pays homage to the rich cultures that it draws inspiration from, by naming and designing labels based on mythological creatures local to the region the beer originates from. Just like mythological history was passed on by word of mouth from generation to generation, so too were beer recipes.

For more information about Down the Road Brewery and any of its exceptional beers, or to inquire about its current expansion efforts, please visit the company’s website at

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