DoTheFashion to Launch New Campaign ‘Simplify Fashion’

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DoTheFashion will through research and analytics determine the chief fashion related issues faced by people.

Bangalore, India (PRUnderground) February 27th, 2015

DoTheFashion, a leading fashion blogging website in India, announced plans to launch a new campaign titled ‘Simplify Fashion’. The campaign is aimed at both the sexes – men and women. DoTheFashion believes that fashion is not for a few but for all and aims to simplify fashion for the masses thus bringing about a change in the common perception of fashion as a difficult issue to master.

DoTheFashion, a fashion blogging website dedicated to making fashion available for all, has come up with this campaign to help ease the fashion related problems faced by people on a daily basis. Through ‘Simplify Fashion’ DoTheFashion will be solving minor and major fashion related struggles of the consumers. This campaign is in sync with the DoTheFashion motto ‘fashion for all’.

DoTheFashion will through research and analytics determine the chief fashion related issues faced by people. The plan of action will be to publish informative and educative editorial pieces that will deal with those issues in detail. These editorial pieces will be published on a daily basis on the fashion blogging website DoTheFashion.

“Fashion is a constant presence in our life. Starting from what to wear to office tomorrow to whether online shopping is better than offline shopping to what kind of pants are in vogue today, there are lot dilemmas,” commented Sweta Nair, Creative Head of Content Strategy. “The questions never end and the answers are nowhere to be found. DoTheFashion’s new campaign ‘Simplify fashion’ will provide all the answers to those question marks. Our team of skilled writers and researchers are constantly striving to come up with suitable responses to dispel all problems.”

Along with publishing editorial articles to help people simplify fashion, DoTheFashion will extend the ‘Simplify Fashion’ campaign to the social media sphere as well. DoTheFashion has a strong presence and fan base on various social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Google+. Netizens can reach out directly to DoTheFashion on Twitter and Instagram to resolve their queries regarding fashion.

Users can post their doubts and questions on Twitter and Instagram along with the hash tags #simplifyfashion and #dothefashion. A DoTheFashion stylist will immediately get back to them with personalized solutions. Not only will the crisis be dealt with swiftly, the user can access the expertise of DoTheFashion stylists anytime, from anywhere at their own convenience.

Through ‘Simplify Fashion’ DoTheFashion will effectively cater to the conventional audience who prefer to read articles at their pace as well as the modern tech savvy users who prefer to have the answers on the go, thus covering the entire ration of fashion lovers and fashionistas in the country. The ultimate objective of the campaign is to make fashion an easy prospect for every person.

About Dothefashion Media

Fashion is a form of expression. We believe that everyone has the freedom of expression, hence Do The Fashion.

A platform to encourage one and all to get down and express themselves in the most beautiful manner possible. To help you through this journey we will bring to you the latest and best of the fashion world.

Do the fashion was started in the hope to make this a world a more expressive place to live in. Fashion in not about who wears the best brands or most expensive clothes. So keeping that in mind we would like to make a statement.

“Fashion For ALL”

Brands are a huge part of fashion but fashion is not about brands. We will show you the multidimensional aspects of this beauty that is called fashion and give you the courage to get out there are Do The Fashion.

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