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The series titled ‘#desidepth’ was a tribute to the rich fashion culture that exists in India which remains unrecognized. This was done with a view of directing the inter

Bangalore, India (PRUnderground) February 27th, 2015

DoTheFashion, one of the leading fashion blogging websites in India has announced plans to support and encourage local talents in the country and provide them exposure and limelight. DoTheFashion has always been an advocate of all brands and fashion trends that is Indian, and with this move they will be further acting on their belief.

DoTheFashion will provide local talents the perfect platform through which they can exhibit their intricate works and their culture on a national level. All upcoming designers, models, fashion photographers, videographers, writers can present their talent to the world through DoTheFashion. They can display their work on DoTheFashion website through which they can garner a national audience, and recognition. DoTheFashion has a highly concentrated national user base of 90% as well as a strong online presence. The local talents can capitalise on this combination and benefit from it.

DoTheFashion firmly believes in promoting the diverse and beautiful fashion forms that are present in India. Through their unique content on DoTheFashion website, they propel these fashion forms, such as Mekhela Chador of Assam or Nauvari Sari of Maharashtra, which aren’t generally highlighted in the Indian fashion scene. Local or regional attires are more or less overlooked most of the times but this initiative by DoTheFashion will boost the prospects for of local talents.

“The kind of diversity that exists in India in terms of fashion and culture is unmatched,” commented Sweta Nair, Creative Head of Content Strategy. “Be it west, east, north or south, each region has a distinct tradition and fashion. These beautiful outfits can inspire and influence the fashion scene in a great manner. People from all these regions are skilled at representing these fashions. The only gap to be bridged is a stage for them, to present their work. DoTheFashion will give them this stage to not only popularise local cultures and fashions of their region but also learn about other fashion forms as well.”

DoTheFashion encourages the local talent to come forward with their works. DoTheFashion will help them capitalise the abundant opportunities that the fashion industry presents, guiding them on how to connect with the right people, how to market their work and garner interest in fashion forms.

DoTheFashion has already put things in motion for promoting and advocating local talents. The bloggers at DoTheFashion published a series of articles specifically focusing on various fashion forms in different regions of the country. The series titled ‘#desidepth’ was a tribute to the rich fashion culture that exists in India which remains unrecognized. This was done with a view of directing the interest of the masses towards the delightful fashion forms present in the country.

DoTheFashion since its commencement in 2011 has been very active in its support of Indian fashion forms. Through this DoTheFashion not only highlights the treasure of fashion present within but also helps bring hidden talents to the fore.

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