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“We spend a huge amount of time on social media platforms and it is, today, the easiest way to connect with all. One click and the next instant they will have a recommend

Bangalore, India (PRUnderground) February 27th, 2015

DoTheFashion, one of the leading fashion blogging websites in the country is further extending its reach on social media platforms. DoTheFashion will now send ‘Recommendations’ on its social media platforms which include YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to name a few. ‘Recommendations’ is one of the most popular segments of DoTheFashion, avidly followed by all its users. DoTheFashion followers will now be able to catch the recommendations on social networking websites as well.

DoTheFashion is a fashion blogging website dedicated to simplifying fashion for everyone. The motto of DoTheFashion is ‘fashion for all’. The firm belief is that fashion isn’t reserved for a few people but it is for each and every individual. The DoTheFashion website has a range of articles updated daily on various topics and issues related to the world of fashion.

DoTheFashion aims to popularise Indian fashion brands and segments, thus helping fashion lovers be aware of quality products, and fashion trends available on their home turf. DoTheFashion website has a separate section called ‘Recommendation’ dedicated towards the cause. Each day, DoTheFashion bloggers commend a product or a fashion trend that they believe is fit for its audiences. Every product recommended is personally tried and tested by a DoTheFashion blogger.

DoTheFashion puts up more than 350 posts on its website, which deal with subjects as diverse as street fashion to vintage fashion. With a concentrated user base of almost 90%, this move to branch its base in social media platforms will further be helpful for all fashion followers.

“The main objective behind this move is to connect with our users wherever they are, at their own convenience,” commented Sweta Nair, Creative Head of Content Strategy. “We spend a huge amount of time on social media platforms and it is, today, the easiest way to connect with one and all. One click and the next instant they will have a recommendation. We find numerous products in the market even for a small problem, like chapped lips or dry skin, leading to huge confusion. This is where DoTheFashion’s recommendations will help give the user clarity amidst chaos. ”

DoTheFashion has, since its inception in 2011, been very clear cut on its strategy of endorsing and encouraging Indian brands, and products; and generating, and directing the interest of the Indian audiences that way. DoTheFashion maintains a steady presence on all social media platforms – Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+. Extending the ‘Recommendations’ section onto the social media platforms will provide DoTheFashion with higher connectivity with its audience.

DoTheFashion is directly reaching out to all the fashionistas out there and making it easier for them to access the expertise of DoTheFashion round the clock. Users can tweet through Twitter or post on Instagram along with the hash tags #recommendations and #dothefashion in case of any query related to brands and products. A DoTheFashion blogger will immediately answer the queries and recommend the right product.

About Dothefashion Media

Fashion is a form of expression. We believe that everyone has the freedom of expression, hence Do The Fashion.

A platform to encourage one and all to get down and express themselves in the most beautiful manner possible. To help you through this journey we will bring to you the latest and best of the fashion world.

Do the fashion was started in the hope to make this a world a more expressive place to live in. Fashion in not about who wears the best brands or most expensive clothes. So keeping that in mind we would like to make a statement.

“Fashion For ALL”

Brands are a huge part of fashion but fashion is not about brands. We will show you the multidimensional aspects of this beauty that is called fashion and give you the courage to get out there are Do The Fashion.

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