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Dothefashion, a fashion and lifestyle blog, is inviting readers' contributions to add to conversations on sustainable and everyday fashion.

Bangalore (PRUnderground) March 27th, 2015

Dothefashion, a fashion and lifestyle blog, is inviting readers’ contributions to add to conversations on sustainable and everyday fashion. Such selected writers will have the opportunity to work with in-house editors on their writing as well as participate in the Reviews,and Recommendations projects for the fashion website.

While Recommendations, and Reviews was announced a couple of weeks ago, the fashion website, as part of its vision, Simplify Fashion, has invited readers to share and talk on fashion to make it a relevant topic for all, through participation. Writers of selected contributions would have the opportunity to work with their in-house editors, and writers to polish their writings to make them ready for publication. The fashion website is also aiming to work with such contributors and fashion enthusiasts to provide them with the opportunity to be a part of the website’s Reviews project.

fb.pngAs part of the Reviews project Dothefashion writers and editors review fashion, and lifestyle products after having used them first-hand; and selected writers would be included in this project too, providing them with the platform to share their opinions to the website’s community of readers at once.

“Given that these products are those that would mostly be used by people, as they are found on shelves across the market, this initiative is aimed at bringing people together to understand and share knowledge on the choices available to us and thereby make the best decisions. This can only be possible when fashion conversations are democratised.” said Suhas Udayakumar, Creative Head of Content Strategy on intended result of this Reviews project.

“Making fashion a possible lifestyle choice for everyone is not about at uniformising trends and bundling people into singular moulds. That is not what this vision need translate into. It is to empower the unique fashion slants that individuals possess, and aid in maximising them. Fashion as it enriches us, can in turn be enriched by increasing diversity and engaging more people in the conversation. Dothefashion works with this vision, wherein simplifying can mean empowering,” commented Suhas Udayakumar, Creative Head of Content Strategy, to address the motivation for this new initiative.

DoTheFashion is a Bengaluru based fashion blog that aims to bring fashion conversation into the everyday realm. The fashion website works to simplify fashion trends and conversations and include a more diverse group in conversations on fashion to not only make it an accessible topic for conversation but a relevant and sustainable lifestyle idea. Being an Indian fashion blog the fashion website covers and contextualises this conversation in India and presents a wide array of topics from Indian street fashion and regional fashion trends to celebrity trends.

About Dothefashion Media

Fashion is a form of expression. We believe that everyone has the freedom of expression, hence Do The Fashion.

A platform to encourage one and all to get down and express themselves in the most beautiful manner possible. To help you through this journey we will bring to you the latest and best of the fashion world.

Do the fashion was started in the hope to make this a world a more expressive place to live in. Fashion in not about who wears the best brands or most expensive clothes. So keeping that in mind we would like to make a statement.

“Fashion For ALL”

Brands are a huge part of fashion but fashion is not about brands. We will show you the multidimensional aspects of this beauty that is called fashion and give you the courage to get out there are Do The Fashion.

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